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Charlotte's Brewery Scene: Fall for Beer Lovers

These spots are tops for Queen City beer enthusiasts.

The Queen City knows how to celebrate the fall season with brews. We've got a few top stops for beer enthusiasts this autumn:

Old Mecklenberg Brewery

Old Mecklenberg Brewery stays true to the German tradition with German beers, food and culture on tap. But perhaps the highlight of the season for this brewery is the return of their fall favorite and most award-winning beer, aptly named Mecktoberfest. 

The Hop Shop (©Troy Lee)
The Hop Shop (©Troy Lee)

The Hop Shop

It’s a coffee-shop vibe but you won’t find slow roasts or pour overs in this spot. The shop encourages patrons to stay and relax in a cozy atmosphere that welcomes bookworms and dog-lovers who just want to savor some suds (with their pooch if they’d like). Local craft beers are on tap, and plenty of bottled brews and varietals line the shelves. 

Taps at Hyde Brewery (©Joshua Vasko)
Taps at Hyde Brewery (©Joshua Vasko)

Suffolk Punch Brewing

The latest venture in Charlotte’s craft beer scene—and craft coffee scene for that matter—is an exploration of science and art. Suffolk Punch Brewing, newly renamed from Hyde Brewing, is perfecting brews and beans and infusing every pint and mug with craftsmanship and precision. The Suffolk Punch also offers plenty of options for those looking to dine. The name is a nod to owner Dan Hyde’s Suffolk County, England, upbringing and features seasonal scratch-made dishes. It just doesn’t get much better than this triple threat of coffee, craft brews and good eats.


A unique concept in beer enjoyment, Brewpublik provides curated selections for its customers based on their created beer profile and a special “beergorithm.” The best part? Your perfectly picked-for-you brews get delivered to your door. We all know the only thing better than swigging from your favorite suds is being able to do so in your sweats, in front of the TV. It’s a beer game changer.