Top Things to Do in Charleston: Must-See Attractions and Sites

Charleston, South Carolina, has been gaining national attention recently as a cusine and culture hub in the Southeast. This new, trendy culinary and fashion stage is set on a base of old Southern history that permeates Charleston, with roots in several centuries of history. 

When you're in the Holy City, there are so many historic sites and eye-catching stops to make that it can be hard to do it all in one weekend, so plan for repeated trips or for a full week exploring the area (since you do have to save some time for the nearby beaches). And while history rings loudly as a top theme in the city, there's a lot more to do. Natural sites, modern attractions, museums of science, performance halls, hip restaurants and eclectic shops fit into an essential visit to this city.

But to get you started, we've gathered a list of must-see attractions and historical venues that will please any interest. Consider these the essential places to start your visit to Charleston.