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Charleston Chic: The Best of Boutique Shopping

These local boutiques are bursting with fresh collections by Charlestonians

The cobblestones are Charleston’s runway, and fashion-forward residents sure know how to dress the model citizens. Local boutiques are bursting with fresh collections by Charlestonians; take a peek at some new favorites for jewelry, men’s formal wear with a twist, Magar-made accessories and vintage-minded womenswear as well as fashion-friendly, functional bags. 

Alesya Bags
Think laptop bags are typically about function, not fashion? Not so fast. Alesya Opelt’s bags fit your 15” laptop, all the corresponding cords, plus the usual purse necessities. This is the kind of bag lady you want to be. 

Christina Jervey
Christy Jervey’s locally made jewelry is inspired by nature but feels at-home, away from the campsite. Luxe gold, bright jewels and tiny details make her organic pieces anything but ordinary. 

Turn heads and start conversations with a fashionable feather fastener designed by South Carolinian Ben Ross. Bow ties handcrafted by Brackish feature turkey, pheasant and guinea fowl feathers in place of traditional silks, and each arrives in a wooden storage box.

Brackish Bow ties Charleston SC
Brackish Bow Ties (©Bette Walker Photography)

Madame Magar
Hats by Leigh Magar’s Magar Hatworks have long since adorned the heads of locals and those of celebrities, too. But if headwear’s not your thing, snag a piece from her new small-batch, handmade line, Madame Magar—a collection of dresses, bags and aprons. 

Library by Lauren Lail
Lauren Lail got her fashion start by curating and collecting vintage pieces that were quickly snapped up by eagle-eyed buyers. She recently put out a line of candy-colored, vintage-inspired separates, called Library by Lauren Lail.