The Videos You Need to Watch Before Visiting Cape Town

Our videographer combed YouTube and Vimeo for stunning videos to help you plan (or inspire) your trip to Cape Town, South Africa.

It’s no surprise the New York Times picked Cape Town, South Africa, as No. 1 on its list of 52 places to visit in 2014. On the southern coast of Africa, Cape Town has a waterfront that is breathtakingly beautiful and boasts natural wonders such as Table Mountain that flank the city. For a warm-weather visit, the best time to plan a trip is between late January and early April. You’ll avoid the late-summer crowds and still have plenty of time to enjoy the open beaches (and maybe venture off to visit some of the country's national parks or take in a safari).

Cape Town is a multi-cultural melting pot, and it's visible in the cuisines at local restaurants, but also in this post-Apartheid era (make sure to check out Robben Island, a former prison island where Mandela was held). South Africa is also a renowned wine-producing nation, and many travelers take the time to visit vineyards located near the city.

With so much to do, planning a trip can be hard, so to help you get started, we scoured YouTube for some of the best travel videos about Cape Town. Good luck planning your trip!

Video #1: A Cape Town travel guide from Expoza

Expoza Travel has put together this all-encompassing travel guide for Cape Town that is a must for any one making their first trip to the city. You’ll learn about the city’s vast history, explore attractions like Table Mountain and Robben Island, which played a major role during apartheid.

Video #2: A local's list of 10 reasons Cape Town is the best city in the world

As with any great vacation, the best way to learn about your destination is to ask the locals. Join Cape Town native Andrew Brauteseth as he unveils the top 10 reasons Cape Town is the best city in the world. With breathtaking scenery and an amazing wine scene, his point may be hard to argue.

Video #3: A visual slideshow of Cape Town

If you’re traveling to Cape Town and don’t have your itinerary set, this slideshow video is for you. Packed with activities for people of all ages, you’ll be able to fill your itinerary in no time. Make sure to check out the aquariums and the views while rappelling the beautiful mountains.

Video #4: A beauty reel of Cape Town

If you need any more motivation to book that trip to Cape Town, this video by Show and Tell Films will surely provide it. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in the world and it’s fully on display here. Breathtaking views of the mountains, beaches and people will have you confirming your airfare in no time.