Guide to Beautiful Banff National Park

The stunning national park on your Instagram feed is the perfect mountain getaway.

An Instagram Guide to Banff National Park

If you scroll through nature and travel photos on Instagram, chances are, you’ve definitely come across pictures of Banff National Park without even knowing it. The massive national park encompasses miles and miles of hiking, fantastic winter and summer sports, restaurants, hotels and the kind of outdoor activities some only dream of but never imagine seeing. If you’ve considered venturing over but aren’t sure how to get there, we’ve got the guide for you! 

Canmore Engine Bridge | WhereTraveler
Canmore Engine Bridge (©Melanie Lee)

Getting to Banff

The closest airport to Banff National Park is in Calgary, Alberta. Calgary International Airport is not unfamiliar with travelers from around the globe—many come throughout the colder months for the fantastic skiing you can find in Lake Louise. From here, it’s about an hour and a half to Banff.

Renting a car is likely going to be the best way to get around if you are looking to explore. Numerous shuttles travel from Calgary to Banff multiple times a day. If you are driving, don’t forget that Canadian signs are posted in kilometers, and when you fill up your gas, the pricing is in liters. 

If you can, try and arrive earlier in the day so you can enjoy the picturesque drive to Banff. Stop in Canmore for some great food and a little visit to the Canmore Engine Bridge for the first of your vacation photos. In the winter months, make sure you have the proper necessities for your vehicle (snow tires, chains, ice scraper, safety kit, etc.). The snow can start at the drop of a hat, so make sure you are prepared. 

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