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A Perfect Day in Boston: Ross Miner's Itinerary

Start your day at a retro diner before ice skating on a local pond, using this custom itinerary from competitive figure skater Ross Miner

We asked figure skater Ross Miner to take us out on the town in Boston, and he obliged. While the Olympic hopeful admits that his days are mostly spent training, if he could manage 24 hours devoted to diversions other than his Sochi figure-skating dreams (or the 2014 Figure Skating Championships, to be held in Boston this January), he says a visit to a retro diner, people-watching in Harvard Square and relaxing at a vintage movie theater would be on his must-do list—along with some old-fashioned ice skating, of course. Follow Ross' travel itinerary for one day of fun Boston this winter:

8 am: Breakfast at The Breakfast Club

"The Breakfast Club diner has got this really funny ’80s movie theme going on, and it has amazing breakfast. I usually order the ‘Basket Case,’ which has everything. All of the names of the menu items are from ‘The Breakfast Club’ [film]. But, sometimes I might get waffles depending on how my sweet tooth is doing." 270 Western Ave., Brighton, 617.783.1212

10 am: Newbury Street

"I might walk around Newbury Street and maybe do some shopping. I just walk in stores if they have something I like. I don’t do a lot of shopping, but if I had a full day off I might do it." 
Back Bay, Boston

11:30 am: Skating on the Frog Pond

"I would skate with my friends on the Frog Pond, because it is outside and it’s beautiful." Miner says that ice skating on Frog Pond isn't just something for champion-level figure skaters like himself, but that it's just a fun thing for travelers to do to get the Boston winter experience. Boston Common, Boston, 617.635.2120

1:30 pm: Light Lunch at Strip T’s

For a quick lunch, Miner recommends Watertown foodie (and hipster) hotspot Strip T’s. "I can walk there from where I live. If I’m at home and feeling super lazy, I’ll ask my mom to go get me a ‘Pho Real’ [sandwich]. It’s really good, like faux Vietnamese, in a sandwich form." 
93 School St., Watertown, 617.923.4330

3 pm: Hang Out in Harvard Square

"I like to meet up with friends in Harvard Square, get some frozen yogurt and people-watch, because that’s always fun, and you see a lot of fun people in Harvard Square." 
Massachusetts Avenue at Brattle Street, Cambridge

6 pm: Dinner, Italian-Style

"Giacomo’s in the North End is a good Italian restaurant that I really like, but I don’t think they take reservations."
355 Hanover St., Boston, 617.523.9026

8:30 pm: Catch a Movie

"If I have a little extra time at the end of the day, I go see a movie at Coolidge Corner Theater. I like it because it is super old-time. I saw ‘The King’s Speech’ there, and I think the theater was probably built around the same [era] as the movie was set. They’ve got the red curtain and the gilded ceiling. It’s a really cool environment to watch movies in. They also show a lot of foreign films and things that are a little bit different."
290 Harvard St., Brookline, 617.734.2500


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