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Unique Spa Treatments Worthy of a Boston Beauty Binge

Flotation therapy, Bali-themed bathing, and dry pedis await spa-seekers in Boston.

While a cleansing facial and a Swedish massage are classic beauty treatments, a few Boston spas get creative with their services. Plan some downtime while you're downtown and take a float in salt-saturated water or soothe your feet sans soaking. We guarantee you memorable “me” moments.

Treatment: Soakless Pedicure

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental blows a traditional pedicure out of the water—literally. This luxurious 50-minute ritual forgoes a usual soak, opting for a hydrating foot mask that softens without plumping skin as water does, making calluses and rough spots easier to exfoliate. Warm towels are wrapped around your feet for toasty tootsies, followed by a stimulating massage. Nails are buffed, trimmed, and shaped, and polished. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Boston, 776 Boylston St., 617.535.8820

Price for paradise: $80 weekdays/$88 on weekends

Foot massage in Boston
(©George Apostolidis)

Treatment: Personalized Apothecary Preparations 

Skin care drawers stocked with one-size-fits-all products are not really any fun, so it’s refreshing when something new and exciting pops up. Launched in October 2016, Kiehl’s tailor-made concentrates address unique skin concerns on a person-to-person basis. Each facial concentrate is a hat trick of skin enrichment, beginning with the Skin Strengthening Concentrate and two targeted complexes that are hand-selected based on custom diagnosis. Think Samphira Oil, Scotch pine, Vitamin F, and more. You’ll walk away with a personalized box of goodies. Kiehl’s Since 1851, 112 Newbury St., 617.247.1777

Price for paradise: $95

Massage oils based in Boston

Treatment: Bali Paradise Experience 

Whether you go alone or with a partner, G2O Salon + Spa's refuge of warm steam and refreshing rain will have participants feeling utterly tropical. Treatments begin with a DIY application of hydrating cream and lavender salt exfoliation while you're seated in the Experience Room, a tiled escape of colorful twinkling lights, soothing music and the sound of chirping tree frogs.  Then recline and relax in herbal steam, awaiting a surprise rainfall to wash it all away from your now-softer skin. Finish up in the unique Brine Inhalation Room, a respite of cool salt air and a gently cascading three-tiered waterfall. G2O Spa + Salon, 278 Newbury St., 617.262.2220

Price for paradise: $75/person, $65/person for two to eight people

G2o spa lobby in Boston
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Treatment: Float

The individual Float Pool at Balans is custom-made to be much larger and more open than the claustrophobia-inducing tanks veterans of the trendy treatment might recall. For those who don't know, the idea behind flotation therapy is to reduce anxiety, stress and a vast array of physical ailments. Both the tank's Epsom salt-saturated water and the treatment room's temperatures are kept steady at 94 degrees, so you can comfortably step into the enclosure and slide into its 10-inch deep healing pool, where you will remain afloat. Trust us. Balans Organic Spa, 216 Newbury St., 617.242.1500

Price for paradise: $59-$99 for 30 or 60 minutes

Treatment: Eyebrow Extensions 

Boston's only salon to offer eyebrow extensions, Lash L’Amour has moved beyond delightfully full lashes. For this, technicians individually apply hairs along the brow line to enhance your natural shape with a higher arch, longer tail, or more or less curve. They’re also great for filling in gaps from overzealous tweezer mishaps. Then, after an eyebrow tint, a specialist uses a surgical-grade adhesive to affix extensions one-by-one to natural brow hairs or directly to the skin, depending on your needs. These beauties typically last from six to 16 days. Lash L’Amour (129 Newbury St., 617.247.1871)

Price for paradise: $150-$250