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3 Unique Boston Designers and Where to Get the Look

Meet the ladies who are setting the hottest design trends in town.

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard “tweed jackets” and “Boston” mentioned in the same sentence, and to this we respond, “Finally!” It’s about time this city moves beyond its reputation for stuffy fashion. Not only have local designers shaped Boston’s style scene, they influenced trends across the nation.

Jewelry Designer Sophie Hughes Stokes

Whether it’s a rough-hewn cuff or a dainty lariat, jewelry designer Sophie Hughes Stokes crafts pieces that demand attention. They've even been featured in InStyle, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. 

Why she's unique: Stokes skillfully wields an old-school hammer and torch until the rough edges and unique textures fall between rugged and refined, feminine and masculine. Metal bends to her will, and gems are carefully placed. But it’s also the manner in which she fields her materials that’s just as beautiful as the items they create. She values social and environmental responsibility. Translation: Stokes takes pride in creating pieces without unnecessary harm to miners or the environment.

What to expect: “I love working with 18-karat royal yellow gold. It’s alloyed to make this really rich, unique color, with cooler undertones than peachy-colored standard yellow, but a bit warmer than green gold,” she said. “It moves like butter under my hammer, yet is incredibly durable over time. I imagine it’s what Cleopatra’s jewelry would have looked like.”

Where to get the look: Ore Jewelry

Esta cuff
Esta cuff (Courtesy Sophie Hughes Stokes)

Fashion Designer Avra Myers

Avra Myers dresses the classic woman in clean lines and contemporary touches from her studio in North Quincy, Massachusetts.

Why she's unique: Through her signature label A Ruby, Myers is known for her pull-on riding pant, crisp white shirt and moto tank in vegan leather. 

What to expect: When “athleisure” jumped onto the fashion scene a few years ago, style-savvy women said, “yes please.” Myers launched AV-RA Performance last year. AV-RA features interlock moss, jersey moss, quilted terry and ponte fabrics with UV protection, sweat wicking and bi-way stretch. Not to mention styles are fashion-forward. New for spring is a quilted jersey hoodie vest.

Where to get the look: A Ruby

AV-Ra cozy tee (Courtesy AV-RA)
AV-Ra cozy tee (Courtesy AV-RA)

Tableware Designer Jill Rosenwald

Jill Rosenwald, whose handcrafted, painted earthenware has been sold in Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, creates the pieces in her tiny Fort Point studio. 

Why she's unique: “Every season we develop new patterns, but we also create them on a whim,” she said. When Rosenwald saw a drop of paint from her signature gold rim sliding gracefully off-track, she was inspired. “That dripped stripe made one perfect tear that turned into the amazing pattern called Glam Gold.”

What to expect: Glam Gold is just one of her patterns. Others range from crisp and preppy to organic and tonal, like the new Linus vase collection.

Where to get the look: Hudson

Canopy stripe drip caviar tray (Courtesy Jill Rosenwald)
Canopy stripe drip caviar tray (Courtesy Jill Rosenwald)