Top Things to Do in Boston

Wondering where to start exploring in one of America's oldest cities? Well, you're here and there's loads to do, so you'd better get moving in order to make the most of your time in Boston. The quickest way to score tickets to Boston's top destinations is with CityPASS, which offers admission to popular attractions at a reduced rate, rolled into one ticket price.

A couple of interest categories tend to trend: history, culture, sports. History, obviously, is a big one and typically centers on the Revolutionary War era and the preceding century. For this, check out the Freedom Trail and corresponding sights, neighborhoods like Downtown, the Financial District and the North End, and many excellent themed tours that we don't mention here. As far as culture is concerned, the Museum of Fine Arts sees more than a million visitors every year looking to check out its collection of 450,000 pieces of art. Over in Copley Square in the Back Bay neighborhood, Trinity Church and the Boston Public Library are themselves works of art—and you can visit them for free. Sports teams in this city always seem to make it (as champions of their respective leagues) or break it from season to season, but regardless fans keep showing up, especially to Fenway Park, the legendary ballfield.

While the Big Three are the biggest draws, they are certainly not the only draws. Boston's waterfront is always hot. Stroll the HarborWalk, board one of many cruises of the Inner Harbor and beyond, and otherwise get some sun. And if it's raining, well, there's plenty of museums and aquariums and inside things to do, too.