Things to Do in Boston With Kids

One thing I’ve learned as a mom is that traveling with kids is a lot of work. I mean, a lot of work. From researching G-rated-yet-exciting activities to snack preparedness, it’s likely that you’ll want another vacation after this one—alone. You'll be happy to know that Boston caters to the under-age set, and there are loads of things to do with kids here. Museums, parks, cruises, tours that are thick with theatrics. Oddly enough, families can find fun with a variety of water fowl, from swans (Swan Boats) to mallards (Make Way For Ducklings statue) and other kinds of ducks (Boston Duck Tours).

To make your journey to Boston a little easier, I’ve put together some of my favorite kid-friendly fun spots, all guaranteed to earn you hero status and maybe an hour at the hotel bar after they conk out.