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A Perfect Day in Boston: Phil Stanton's Itinerary

Start your day aboard the USS Constition and then see a couple of museums, using this custom itinerary from Blue Man Group co-founder Phil Stanton

We asked Blue Man Group co-founder Phil Stanton to take us out on the town in Boston for a day, and he obliged, saying, "No one has ever cared what I like to do in any town, ever, so it’s really an honor." While Stanton is a New Yorker by way of Georgia, he knows Boston well and has been a frequent traveler here since Blue Man Group made the Charles Playhouse its second home in the mid-1990s. Stanton says a visit to Old Ironsides is always on his must-do list—along with museum-hopping, jazz with dinner, and drinks with a view. Stanton has a few new activities in mind for his next personal trip to Beantown, saying, "There are a couple of things that I have always wanted to do. As much as I have always loved history, I’ve still never done The Freedom Trail. So, that’s on my list. I’ve also never been to the Mary Baker Eddy Library, and I’ve heard that’s really cool. There’s a really large globe there, The Mapparium." But for right now, follow Stanton's tried-and-true travel itinerary for one day of fun in Boston:

8 am: Mod Diner Fare at The Paramount

"For breakfast, I currently like The Paramount," says Stanton of Beacon Hill's go-to casual cafe for banana caramel French toast and crazy good omelets.
44 Charles St., Boston, 617.720.1152

9 am: On Deck at Old Ironsides

"I’ve always loved ships. I could visit the USS Constitution every trip I go to Boston, and I would be happy. It has literally all of the running and standing rigging, and everything about it looks like it could go out today and be much the same as it was in the day. I just continue to be fascinated by it, partly the kid in me, partly just my own history with it, and partly seeing it through my children’s eyes now."
Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, 617.242.5671

11 am: Being a Kid at the Children's Museum

Given his job, it's no surprise that Stanton is a kid at heart. "I visited the Boston Children’s Museum even before I had kids of my own. We [Blue Man Group] have a great history with the museum because they helped us create our own exhibit called 'Making Waves.' That’s very special to us."
308 Congress St., Boston, 617.426.6500

12:30 pm: Scratch-made Lunch in Bay Village

"The sandwiches at Mike & Patty’s have always been a favorite," says Stanton of the tiny-but-popular neighborhood lunch counter.
12 Church St., Boston, 617.423.3447

1:30 am: Finding the Fun Side of Science

With its focus on science and technology, Boston's Museum of Science is right within Blue Man Group's wheelhouse. "[Visiting the Children's Museum and the Museum of Science] is such a great one-two-punch. I love that enormous Tesla coil."
1 Science Park, Boston, 617.723.2500

4 pm: Grab a German Beer

"Close to the theater these days, I’ve really enjoyed going to Jacob Wirth. I know they’ve been there forever, but somehow I didn’t discover it until the last few years. It's [also] a great pre-theater place to go."
31-37 Stuart St., Boston, 617.338.8586

5 pm: Quacking Around Boston (in season)

On sightseeing aboard Boston's signature amphibious vehicles: "I can’t help it, but there is such a tourist in me. I love the Boston Duck Tours. It’s just a blast."

7 pm: Oysters!

"I think this is psychological, probably, but oysters to me taste better in Boston—or I can eat more oysters in Boston, let me put it that way. There’s an old place that my wife and I used to go to; it must still be there, Union Oyster House. But our favorite place now is Island Creek Oyster Bar. I just love the selection they have there."
500 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617.532.5300

8:30 pm: Eclectic Jazz in Cambridge

"A friend of mine Dave Olsen designed a new place, I was there last month," says Stanton of Harvard Square's bo-hippie-chic bar Beat Hôtel.
13 Brattle St., Cambridge, 617.499.0001

11 pm: Drinks with a View

"I love to go to Top of the Hub for a drink. A place that has a great view is something I seek out in any city that I go to, if the city is big enough. I’m such a sucker for it. I guess it’s the tourist in me, but I love it."
Prudential Center, 800 Boylston St., Boston, 617.536.1775


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