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Discover a Summer of Suds in Beer-Hub Boston

Make the most of your Boston summer with our mouthwatering craft beer guide

The nationwide surge in craft brewing over the past couple of decades has given everyone permission to sup like an artisan. No summer gathering of beer lovers is complete without a discussion of inspired herbal flavorings, fine degrees of hoppyness or the merits of added organic fruits.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with the simple pleasure of chugging down a cold one once the mercury starts to rocket skywards. But in the words of fictional movie director Lawrence Laurentz from "Hail, Caesar!," "Would that it were so simple."

So, to make the task of navigating Boston's current craft beer landscape much easier, we've picked out a few highlights from noted local breweries as well as those well worth a short journey out of town. Not to mention the latest innovation in craft beer-on-wheels. Happy brews!

The Boston-Philly Brew Connection

The changing restaurant landscape in Boston can make you dizzy these days, but for locals and travelers alike, the buzz is a benefit especially when the new kid on the block knows a thing or two about the local craft beer scene. Such is the case with City Tap House, the watering hole and restaurant located in the bustling Seaport District and freshly transplanted from home base Philadelphia.

In addition to the mouthwatering selection of small plates like Korean short rib tacos and corn-and-crab hushpuppies, the wood-fired pizza menu is top-notch and the selection of beers on tap, in bottles and cans is impressive. Please note: Tuesday’s daily supper special of chicken and waffles comes highly recommended—grab a Lord Hobo Boom Sauce to wash it all down. We’ll be doing the same. City Tap House: 10 Boston Wharf Road, Boston, 617.904.2748

Beer flight at City Tap House
Beer flight at City Tap House (Courtesy City Tap House)

Best of Truck

For obvious reasons, the separation between beer and automobiles is not to be taken lightly. Simply put, unless you’re making a run to the liquor store to grab a six-pack of your favorite suds, it’s best to experience the two apart from each other.

The exception, however, is a mobile taproom parked in your driveway. We can only dream, right?

That dream is now a reality thanks to local entrepreneur Avi Shemtov, perhaps best known for his sought after food truck Chubby Chickpea, and now his mobile pour house, Tapped. Clearly conceived in a moment of utter brilliance, he converted a 1966 Chevy van into a rolling keg party for hire, complete with side-mounted draft system capable of pouring up to six different beers that are sure to make your next catered affair, extreme house party or whatever reason you can dream up, a momentous event. Tapped: facebook.com/tappedbeertruck

The pumps on the Tapped truck
The pumps on the Tapped truck (©Faith Ninivaggi)

Notable Boston Breweries

Assembly Row is quickly becoming hop row, and brewery/restaurant American Fresh Brewhouse is a fast-growing local star. There's live music on tap, too. On the first Sunday of every month, Athletic Republic Norwood hosts a training session at Trillium Brewing in Canton—get fit not fat—and it's worth heading over to Samuel Adams' Boston Brewery for seasonal offering Fresh As Helles lager, which adds an orange twist for an unconventional honey-malt result.

Trillium Brewery
Trillium Brewery (Courtesy Trillium Brewery)

Beers Worth a Road Trip

A trip to Nantucket would not be complete without a pint or three at Cisco Brewers. Sip your brew of choice island-style: outdoors. The Tap Brewing Company in Haverhill is only about an hour north of Boston but it’s a completely different state of mind and Notch Brewery and Tap Room in Salem awaits the North Shore day tripper with a waterside beer garden.

The Tap Brewing Company in Haverhill
The Tap Brewing Company in Haverhill (Courtesy Tap Brewing Co.)