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6 Dishes in Boston That Let Foodies Travel the World

Move over baked beans. Foodies traveling to Boston needn’t go farther to dig into dishes from across the globe

Boston has been a melting pot of cultures and cuisines ever since Native Americans first broke bread with the Pilgrims. But move over baked beans, corn chowder and, well, even lobster; foodies traveling to Boston needn’t go farther to find authentic dishes from across the globe.

Paella mixta at Estragon, Spanish food in Boston
Paella mixta at Estragon (©Kristin Teig)

Dish: Paella mixta

What it is: Chicken, shrimp, mussels, squid, roasted peppers, saffron rice
Country of origin: Spain

Taste it: Estragon, 700 Harrison Ave., Boston, 617.266.0443

Dish: Kumamoto oyster sashimi

What it is: Kumamoto oyster sashimi topped with watermelon pearls and cucumber mignonette
Country of origin: Japan

Taste it: O Ya, 9 East Street Place, Boston, 617.654.9900

Bacalhau à lagareiro at Atasca, Portugal food in Boston
Bacalhau à lagareiro at Atasca (©Kristin Teig)

Dish: Bacalhau à lagareiro

What it is: charcoal grilled salt cod, drizzled with hot olive oil and garlic
Country of origin: Portugal

Taste it: Atasca, 50 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 617.621.6991

Dish: Tom kha mor fai

What it is: fire-pot soup made with coconut milk, shrimp, cilantro, lemon grass and galangal—with extra chilies, if you dare
Country of origin: Thailand

Taste it: Montien, 63 Stuart St., Boston, 617.338.5600

Accara at Teranga, Senegal food in Boston
Accara at Teranga (©Kristin Teig)

Dish: Accara

What it is: black-eyed pea fritters served with tomato-onion sauce
Country of origin: Senegal

Taste it: Teranga, 1746 Washington St., Boston, 617.266.0003

Dish: Saag paneer

What it is: cubes of homemade cheese in a delectable pureed spinach sauce (hard boiled eggs or potatoes can be substituted for the cheese)
Country of origin: India

Taste it: India Pavilion, 17 Central Square, Cambridge, 617.547.7463