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5 Great Boston Eateries With Outstanding Views of the Water

No matter the season, Boston always has a place to grab a bite and watch the water.

Though the ocean covers seventy percent of the Earth’s surface, to many it exists only three months out of every year. As the summer months turn to fall and the breeze begins to cut cold along the seaside bluffs, many retreat from the rising whitecaps off the coast until warmth settles back in come spring. However, lining Boston Harbor are numerous restaurants that offer not only stunning views of the water, but also walls and windows fit to properly insulate you from the elements outside. Here are some of Boston’s best restaurants to enjoy water views this winter.

Top of the Hub
Top of the Hub (Courtesy Top of the Hub)

Top of The Hub

This one goes without saying. Located at the highest publicly accessible elevation in the city, Top of The Hub’s floor-to-ceiling windows offer views not only of the entire city and its suburbs, but also length of the Charles River as it winds through the landscape and deposits itself in Boston Harbor. Take the elevator to the 52nd floor, order an espresso martini, and enjoy the city’s most impressive view.

Pier 6
Pier 6 (©Brian Samuels)

Pier 6

You can’t get closer to Boston Harbor than Pier 6, a seafood joint located on one of the many wharves jutting out of the Charlestown Naval Shipyard. With uniform-clad cadets, tall-ships and Coast Guard cutters around every corner of the Naval Shipyard Park, Pier 6’s unique location gives an up-close and intimate look at Boston Harbor and the city’s maritime life.

Legal Harborside's walls of water (Courtesy Legal Harborside)

Legal Harborside

The local seafood staple outdoes itself at their Seaport location, Legal Harborside. Located on Northern Ave. between Blue Hills Pavilion and the Boston Fish Pier, Legal Harborside is built on the water and has lined its walls with glass windows to provide three floors of marvelous harbor views.

Cunard Tavern 

Drawing its inspiration from the rich nautical history of the nearby East Boston Shipyard, Cunard Tavern pays homage in its design to the businesses, institutions and people who came before it. Named after the Cunard Line, which would dock their vessels in Jeffries Point, this East Boston tavern celebrates those who landed at Cunard Wharf and helped build its great neighborhood. Its hot toddy features house-made lychee syrup, lemon, green tea and Japanese whiskey Suntory Toki. 


While the rest of the city is eating out in the Seaport, take the tunnels under the harbor out to East Boston and make a reservation at ReelHouse. Not only will their exceptional seafood menu and maritime-inspired décor have you feeling like you’ve just won the Figawi race to Nantucket, but the views of the harbor and the skyline from East Boston are a rarely seen sight that shouldn’t be missed.

Reel House
Reel House (Courtesy Reel House)