10 Boston Restaurants That Love Turkey and Pie Year-Round

It doesn't have to be Turkey Day to enjoy Thanksgiving-inspired fare in Boston.

In Boston, Thanksgiving isn’t just eaten on the fourth Thursday of November. Because the elements of the traditional Thanksgiving feast have their roots right here in New England, Bostonians have adopted the turkey dinner—with all the trimmings—as their own. And if you know where to go, you can dine on Thanksgiving-inspired fare all year round.

Where: 5 Napkin Burger

The Dish: Italian Turkey Burger

Is there anything more delectably appetizing than a plump turkey burger topped with melted, smoked mozzarella, sweet and hot peppers and tomato jam? No wonder turkey gives beef a run for its money at the Boston location of this busy burger chain. 105 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts, 617.375.2277

Italian Turkey Burger (© 5 Napkin Burger), Boston
Italian Turkey Burger (©5 Napkin Burger)

Where: Durgin-Park

The Dish: Roast Stuffed Tom Turkey

Every day is Thanksgiving Day at one of the city’s oldest restaurants. This dinner plate features house-roasted turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and butternut squash. For another taste of New England while you’re there, try the Boston baked beans. 340 Faneuil Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, 617.227.2038

Tom Turkey (© Durgin-Park)
Tom Turkey (©Durgin-Park)

Where: Floramo's

The Dish: Turkey Tips

Long lines and humongous portions await you at this Chelsea food hall, where the Italian specialties and barbecued ribs are as much a draw as the marinated turkey tips (kabobs), which come with a salad and choice of mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, fries, onion rings, rice or pasta in tomato sauce. Doggie bags are ubiquitous. 213 Everett Ave., Chelsea, Massachusetts, 617.889.1330

Where: Larry J's BBQ Café

The Dish: Smoked Turkey Leg

At this BBQ haven in the Seaport District, you can pig out on pulchritudinous pulled pork, racks of ribs and low and slow brisket. But don’t miss the delights of a ginormous smoked turkey leg that will conjure up memories of a childhood trip to Walt Disney World or a past life experience as a cave dweller. 600 D St., South Boston, Massachusetts, 617.348.9800

Smoked Turkey Leg (© Larry J's)
Smoked Turkey Leg (©Larry J's)

Where: Vinoteca di Monica

The Dish: Turkey Meatballs

Ground turkey mixed with herbs, eggs, breadcrumbs and lots of grated cheese makes the Polpette di Tacchino (turkey meatballs) memorably moist. At at this favorite North End restaurant, they’re served on toasted bread with tomato-basil sauce or over green-hued spinach spaghetti. 143 Richmond St., Boston, Massachusetts, 617.227.0311

Where: Mike's City Diner

The Dish: Mike's Famous Pilgrim Sandwich

Invented by owner Jay Hajj, the trademark sammie at this South End neighborhood diner is Thanksgiving dinner on a sliced sesame roll: Roast turkey meat, bread stuffing, cranberry sauce and gloriously, gloppy gravy. You need two hands to hold it. 1714 Washington St., Boston, Massachusetts, 617.267.9393

Mike's Famous Pilgrim Sandwich, Mike's City Diner, Boston, Massachusetts
Mike's Famous Pilgrim Sandwich (©Ken Goodman)

Where: Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe

The Dish: Turkey Hash

This legendary South End breakfast and lunch counter, which dates to 1927, is rightfully famous for its savory turkey hash, which is smashed, pancake-thick, into a saute pan and fried crisp to order. Regulars favor “dropped” (poached) eggs on top. You could substitute sunny-side-up or over-easy eggs, but never scrambled. 429 Columbus Ave., Boston, Massachusetts, 617.536.7669

Where: South Street Diner

The Dish: Apple Pie

Your grandmother may make good apple pie, but is it as good as the homemade apple version at this Leather District joint? A slice weighs in at 1 pound, 8 ounces and is presented, piping hot, in a ceramic casserole dish. This is a pie worthy of celebration 24 hours a day—which, coincidentally, is when South Street Diner is open. 178 Kneeland St., Boston, Massachusetts, 617.350.0028

Apple pie, South Street Diner, Boston, Massachusetts
South Street Diner's apple pie (Courtesy South Street Diner)

Where: Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

The Dish: Sweet Potato Pie

Longtime visitors to Boston will recognize this corner spot as the former home of Bob the Chef’s.

Today, under different ownership and a more contemporary vision, the place is still serving up sensational soul food of which we know Bob would certainly approve—and this absolutely extends to the old-fashioned sweet potato pie with its custardy filling and flaky crust. 604 Columbus Ave., Boston, Massachusetts, 617.536.1100

Where: Union Oyster House

The Dish: Indian Pudding

Of course, the country’s oldest continuously operated restaurant would feature America’s oldest dessert—a long-cooked confection of cornmeal, milk and molasses that is still a staple on many New England Thanksgiving tables. Eat it garnished with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for maximum pleasure. 41 Union St., Boston, Massachusetts, 617.227.2750