For raw foodists, 42 is the magic number. If food is prepared without exceeding the 42°C mark (107.6° F), raw purists believe, it retains all of its freshness, nutritional value, and enzyme activity. Devotees swear that raw food provides an unbeatable energy boost and health benefits. Here to prove that uncooked can also mean unbelievable taste is Rawtastic, an all-raw, all-vegan restaurant that opened in Prenzlauer Berg in September 2015. The creativity that raw cooking demands is evident in Rawtastic’s colorful menu: Imagine a mushroom burger with sweet potato fries that hasn’t seen a lick of heat; raw pizza with cashew nut “cheese,” or lasagna made from butternut squash and zucchini and tomato-walnut sauce. Skeptics are sure to be impressed by the lively flavors that dance across the palate, not to mention the cocktail creations and almost too-pretty-to-eat raw cakes.


Danziger Str. 16
10435 Berlin