C/O Berlin and the Photography Series Not to Miss in 2018

a favorite gallery hosts provocative, thoughtful exhibitions

Is it fair to believe that a picture is worth more than a thousand words? When C/O Berlin was founded in 2000, its vision was to feature and provide an exhibition space for photography and visual art, regardless of whether the works were created by already-established or up-and-coming artists.

The three founders envisioned the venue to be a site of visual education and discussion, and after its reopening at the Amerika Haus in the fall of 2014, it’s evident that C/O Berlin’s vision of focusing entirely on photography is still being upheld. 

C/O Berlin puts on several simultaneous exhibitions per year, so naturally, there are two start the new year off. "Torbjørn Rødland. Back In Touch" is a series of surreal and at times disturbing images exploring how photography is tied with memories, dreams, and realities. The Norwegian-born photographer places dentures with pastries, elderly hands with youthful physicality, nudity with shoes, and further curiously juxtaposed objects to challenge the viewer’s gaze to shift away or stay. Either way, Rødland’s intense images linger in the mind, becoming a part of reality... or not?

Also on show is "Joel Meyerowitz. Why Color?'" a retrospective featuring the New York photographer’s works, including his early color prints dating back to the '60s and his black-and-white shots. Without a doubt, New York City is full of life, stories, and history, and Meyerowitz’s early adoption and pioneering of color photography captured the city’s development in the 1960s and '70s. With color, he highlighted the vibrancy and intensity of the city while also encouraging reactions and emotions from the viewer. He didn’t limit himself to color, however. He also spent twelve months traveling through Europe and also experimenting with  black-and-white before returning to capturing exclusively in color. The subtleties of color and light—and especially the two elements’ tension in the resulting image—are what defines his iconic style and legacy as one of the influential founders of the Street and New Color Photography group. Be sure to not miss these two exhibitions, both running until 11 March, 2018.