Deutsches Technikmuseum

Dedicated to uncovering the history and science of everyday life, the German Technology Museum provides exploratory insight into the workings of aviation, railways, automobiles, film technology, computers, and beyond. The Rosinenbomber plane, used in the 1948 Berlin Airlift and now mounted on the outside of the museum, has become a well-known landmark. The museum includes historical reminders, like one of the original trains used to deport Jews to Auschwitz and a small mine train operated by child laborers in the late 1800s. Located where the former Anhalter Bahnhof station once stood, the Technikmuseum features a windmill, a brewery, and a printing press, all featuring hands-on activities for kids and English explanations for everyone. Tue–Fri 9am–5:30pm, Sat–Sun 10am–6pm. €8/4.


Trebbiner Str. 9
10963 Berlin