The Bodemuseum on Berlin's Museuminsel (Museum Island)

The Bodemuseum on Berlin's Museuminsel (Museum Island) (© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, photo by Atelier Tesar)

Bode Museum

An extensive collection of Old Masters’ paintings, a section dedicated to ancient coins, and many works of Roman and Byzantine art adorn the museum’s impressive interior, built by Ernst von Ihne in 1904. Tue–Sun 10am–6pm (Thu until 8pm). €12/6.

To Jan 1: Expressiveness in Art. The Crucifixion by the Master of Meßkirch from the Würth Collection features 30 historical works from the Kunsthammer Würth,  the historical “cabinet of art” from one of Germany’s most renowned private collections.

To 30 Mar: Thrace 3.0. Coinage in the Land of Orpheus. The minting of coins reflects the self-perception and the impression the ancient Thracians wished to convey to others.


Am Kupfergraben

Map of Bode Museum