Beer + Football

There are things cut out for each other—grilled sausages and sauerkraut, rye toasts and garlic sauce, beer and football. Where Moscow Editor Marina Tumarkina identified the best Moscow pubs where you can watch June's Euro 2012 action, accompanying it with beer and chips.

Bruder: Beer Classic
Bruder is decorated in classical European beer-suiting style: masculine dark-green leather couches, intentionally simple tables made of dark wood, long bar counter with tempting rows of beer taps, plenty of plasma screens, and key plays’ timetable. The bar menu features 15 kinds of beer, counting only imported varieties. The general menu includes traditional European dishes matching beer and original dishes from Executive Chef Yevgeny Cherednichenko. 46 Butyrskaya Ul., T: 729-9988

John Donne: British Pub
This is how a British pub outside the misty island should look. The recipe of success: laconic and modest interior, low prices, plenty of people, plenty of football, little food and minimum service: beer rules here. John Donne offers 14 varieties of British beer. The menu includes British classic—fish&chips, sandwiches and pies; international beer cuisine like chicken wings and shrimps; and colonial-style dishes popular in contemporary London—chicken tikka masala with mango chutney. 12 Nikitsky Blvd, T: 627-6907

Sixteen Tons: Beer Club
Sixteen Tons is a fanciful mix of classic English pub and popular Moscow nightclub. There are two zones: the first floor is an English pub, and the second one embraces a restaurant, impressive counter, dance floor and stage with professional equipment. The cuisine includes traditional European and solid Russian dishes. A special menu section features beer-matching fare. The beer theme is also evident in the portions’ large size and in items traditional for London pubs including sandwiches and toasts. 6, bldg. 1, Presnensky Val Ul., T: 253-5300

Molly Gwynn’s: Classical Pub
Molly Gwynn’s in Pyatnitskaya Street was the first pub of this chain in Moscow. It’s the best place to understand the concept of English pub, where food and drinks are much less important than the atmosphere of friendship and communication. All of the guests know each other, the bartender and all the details of a high-Q menu. The latter is considerably extensive in Molly Gwynn’s: here you’ll find all the dishes of international cuisine suited to beer and football. 24/1 Pyatnitskaya Ul., T: 959-5852