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Stick Shifters: Lacrosse Museum & National Hall of Fame

The Johns Hopkins Jays face their 2014 season and the US Lacrosse museum entertains "spectators" year-round.

To the Native Americans who invented lacrosse, the game was serious business. Some tribes even called it “the little brother of war.” Today Baltimore takes a more peaceful, no less passionate approach. At the HQ of national governing body US Lacrosse, a museum and hall of fame display photos, trophies, vintage equipment and an interactive gallery of the greats, including 64 “lax” men from Johns Hopkins University. The 44-time national champ team, whose home turf is just steps away, takes on longtime rivals Princeton March 2, Syracuse March 15 and Maryland April 12.
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Lacrosse player
Courtesy US Lacrosse Hall of Fame and Museum