Austin's Central Market

It's a grocery store, but it's also a nexus of Austin culture. Put this hip grocery on your Austin trip list:

Central Market ranks among the city’s most visited landmarks, and it has become a living symbol of the city’s lifestyle. Since it opened in January 1994, this central city grocery store has been a popular spot to give visitors a real peek at the Austin approach to living. On any given weekend, when the store is at its busiest, it is possible to see Austinites from all parts of the city, of all ages and backgrounds, speaking a variety of languages. They will be meandering through the store’s aisles, tasting this, sampling that, and finding all manner of ingredients, some familiar, others exotic. Many are eagerly showing out-of-town guests or relatives the bounty at hand. So popular was the original Central Market, a second has opened in Southwest Austin—Central Market Westgate.