Wild Animal Safari

This five-mile drive-through wild animal park features more than 650 animals including American bison, elk, water buffalo, wildebeest, tigers, hyena and zebra. Most of the animals roam freely throughout the park and will eat right out of your hand. Guests can drive through in their own vehicles, rent a van, or take a complimentary bus tour. Tickets: adults $19.95, children and seniors $17.95. Advance ticket purchase required. Check website for hours of operation.

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Take a Wild Animal Safari from the comfort of your own vehicle, or go along with our Complimentary Bus tour. Come face to face with a Camel, or hand feed an American Bison. You’ll be able to see Elk and Water Buffalo running free. Tigers, Hyenas and Zebras are just a few of the animals that you’ll see on your safari!

Serengeti Adventure

A drive through animal park will bring you face to face with exotic animals from around the world. Ride in the park’s guided Zebra Bus or rent a Zebra Van. Winding through 200 acres of natural environment on 3 1/2 miles of paved road, you will have a chance to touch a Giraffe, come face to face with American Bison, and see many other animals from all over the world in a natural setting.

Stroll the Animal Park

Hop out of the car and take a stroll through our Walk-About. This is more like a traditional zoo experience. Here you will find some of the smaller, friendlier animals! You can take a moment and gaze at the Lemurs as they jump around, leaping from rope to rope. See the beautiful Peacock spread his feathers and show off for you!


1300 Oak Grove Road
Pine Mountain, GA 31822
United States




Map of Wild Animal Safari