Explore Atlanta

Take a Self-Guided Tour of Atlanta, as Seen on TV and in the Movies

It’s no secret Georgia has become a film industry mecca thanks to tax incentives that are just too good to pass up. Tour famous (and recognizable) locations where some of Hollywood’s biggest hits were filmed with this go-to guide.

There’s a reason so many people collectively shell out billions of dollars to watch a great movie. Whether it keeps you at the edge of your seat, biting your nails, laughing until you cry or just plain crying, an excellent movie transports audiences to other realms. Imagine the thrill if you could actually walk through the very world that had your heart pounding or your eyes watering. It’s all possible in the “Hollywood of the South” thanks to the blockbuster movies that film here year-round. Trace the famous footsteps of Katniss Everdeen, Rick Grimes, Ron Burgundy and others in your own self-guided tour of these super-cool former set locations.

“The Hunger Games”

The second installment in the dystopian trilogy was largely filmed throughout Atlanta, and many of the set locations still look like the big-screen versions of themselves despite being stripped of props and facades long ago. Visit the Goat Farm Arts Center to feel what it’s like to visit District 9. Enter the Capitol at the Marriott Marquis or visit President Snow’s luxurious mansion at the Swan House on the grounds of the Atlanta History Center.

“The Walking Dead”

AMC’s smash hit about the undead is filmed entirely in Georgia. In fact, spend enough time in the city, and you’re likely to stumble upon a group of zombies ambling downtown (only to realize you’ve encountered an active film shoot). Stop by Rick Grimes’ abandoned house (Season 1, Episode 1) in Grant Park at 817 Cherokee Ave., then grab a photo on the Jackson Street Bridge, where Rick rode into a desolate Atlanta on horseback. Remember when the Centers for Disease Control was blown to smithereens? That was actually the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, which is thankfully still intact.

“Anchorman 2”

It was a sight to behold when “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” took over Downtown Atlanta. Passers-by reported seeing a massive fight go down in Woodruff Park, in the downtown business district. As it turned out, the brawlers were Will Ferrell, dressed in full Ron burgundy regalia, and a slew of A-list celebrities shooting the famous fight scene that built on the first movie’s news team showdown. Ferrell and his crew also filmed a diner scene at the Silver Skillet. Downtown Atlanta was transformed into 1980 New York City for the film, so you’ll feel a vague sense of familiarity while strolling down Peachtree Street. You may especially feel this way upon entering the main courtyard of Peachtree Center, which became an ice rink for the riotous skating scene.

“The Internship”

This movie starring “Wedding Crashers” duo Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn was set in Mountain View, California. And though some scenes at the Google Campus were shot on location, most of the film was shot in Midtown Atlanta, including the Georgia Institute of Technology campus, The Georgian Terrace hotel, Peachtree Street and Rocky Mountain Pizza Co.