Atlanta's Waksē Launches Newest Product with Ulta Beauty

Find the at-home waxing brand's newest scent, Bubblegum Blast, exclusively at and Ulta stores.

April 2020 was a banner month for at-home wax retailer Waksē. The Atlanta-based brand, known for its salon-quality products and scents that smell good enough to eat (please don't), saw sales increase 1,100 percent—no doubt due to stay-at home orders and socially responsible folks bringing their beauty regimens home. 

Now, Waksē is releasing its newest scent with national beauty retailer Ulta just in time for summer. Bubblegum Blast is a retro-inspired nod to the spirit of summer, in the form of pink metallic wax beads.

"Our partnership with Ulta has been one of the unique and easy ones: we love Ulta and they love us back," says Shayan Sadrolashrafi, Waksē co-founder. "All jokes aside, Ulta is such a great retailer and Waskē has been able to become the top in their hair-removal category."

Waksē's applicator sticks

"Our dream with Bubblegum Blast was to create something unique that carried the vintage aspect into it,"  Sadrolashrafi adds. "The design reminds you of your childhood—the first time we showed Waksē Bubblegum Blast to Ulta Beauty, everyone in the room screamed from excitement. I think it’s fair to say that it's the only wax that makes you happy by bringing back childhood memories while helping you to become hairless!"

Waksē's stripless wax was designed with the user in mind and is infused with essential oils such as chamomile extract, which keeps the skin soothed during application and helps prevent irritation and redness. It also contains aloe, another calming agent that nourishes the skin while infusing it with vitamins A and C. It is also vegan and cruelty free.

In addition to the wax beads, Ulta also carries Waksē's pre-wax sprays, applicator kits, post-wax serum and more. Check out the lineup.

Waksē's product lineup.