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The Best Plant-Based Dining Options in Atlanta

We've got the joints that make eating green look and feel good in Atlanta.

​Studies have shown that removing meat from your diet just a few days a week does wonders for the environment. These days, it's not difficult to go meatless with so many amazing options that are meat-free.

Plant-Based Restaurants in Atlanta

Vegetarian and vegan cooking can seem daunting for the newly initiated but these Atlanta restaurants are taking the guesswork out of it. Stop by and support the planet and your health at these vegetarian neighborhood joints.

Chi Chi Vegan Taco

As the name suggests, everything at Chi Chi Vegan Taco is 100% plant-based goodness. The entire facility is dedicated to a vegan lifestyle and you won't find any eggs, dairy, meat, or shellfish anywhere on the premises. There are five different tacos to choose from like the classic al pastor with marinated chick'n, pineapple, and guacamole or the creative crispy avocado with chi chi sauce, pickled onions, and cabbage. The nachos with vegan queso, black beans, and corn salad can be topped with vegan chick'n, vegan steak, or fajita veggies. The veggie chimichanga stuffs a burrito to the breaking point with rice, beans, and fajita veggies before smothering it in vegan queso and pico de gallo. Add a side of Mexican corn on the cob and a bottle of Topo Chico to complete the meal.

You don't need meat for a delicious taco | WhereTraveler
100% Vegan Mexican fare (Courtesy Chi Chi Vegan Taco Shop/Facebook)

Soul Vegetarian

Soul Vegetarian has been serving a completely vegan menu since 1979 (long before it was trendy). Even the sweet treats are made with non-dairy ingredients. Start with the crispy tofu sticks that are served with tartar sauce if you've been craving fish and chips. The most popular burger is the "Garvey Burger," made with wheat roast, topped with lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, and the house mushroom and onion sauce on a whole wheat sesame bun. Soul Vegetarian has its own exclusive super protein recipe made from wheat gluten and natural spices called Kalebone. Order the BBQ Kalebone and give it a try. Guests that stop by on the weekend can order the brunch special which features a tofu scramble, two vegan sausages, and two vegan pancakes.

Green Sprout Vegetarian

When the Fu brothers moved to Atlanta, they discovered there weren't many vegetarian options for them. To fill the void, they opened Green Sprout in 2003. Using the freshest ingredients and homemade preparations, each menu item showcases the versatility of meat-free fare. Currently, Green Sprout is only open for takeout and delivery. The spicy fried curry spring rolls are stuffed with potatoes, taro, and onion. The curry sauce will leave your mouth tingling. Forget General Tso's chicken! Green Sprout's General Tso's uses crispy veggie-shrimp, crunchy broccoli and bell pepper. The twice-cooked soy pork is a house specialty with cabbage, dried tofu, shiitake, carrots, in a spicy Szechuan sauce.

100% vegetarian Asian cuisine | WhereTraveler
100% vegetarian Asian cuisine (Courtesy of Green Sprout/Facebook)

Cafe Sunflower

Vegetarian and vegan dining goes far beyond salads. The creativity at Cafe Sunflower is one of the reasons it has been consistently voted the best vegan eatery in Atlanta for the last 25 years. The dinner menu is eclectic with lots of vegan takes on comfort staples. The buffalo lollipops utilize soy chicken drumsticks, buffalo sauce, and vegan blue cheese dressing that's made in-house. The fettuccini alfredo gets it's creamy sauce using cashew cheese. The super-filling southern loaf over mashed potatoes, vegan mac and cheese with mushroom gravy is better than Mom's meatloaf. No southern brunch menu would be complete without a chicken and waffles dish and Cafe Sunflower fries up seitan chicken on top of a homemade waffle with mustard maple syrup and vegan whipped cream.

Vegan brunch specialties in Atlanta | WhereTraveler
Meat-free brunching at Cafe Sunflower (Courtesy Cafe Sunflower/Facebook)

Plant-Based Pizzeria

With two Atlanta locations and a food truck, Plant Based Pizzeria is making it easier for Georgian's to eat eco-friendly pies. Any pizza can also be made on a gluten-free cauliflower crust to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. The "Vegan Deluxe" pizza is a vegan's dream come true loaded with bell peppers, squash, zucchini, mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes, red onion, with roasted basil pizza sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese. Convert your carnivorous friends with the "Vegan Meat Lovers" with Beyond hamburger and mild sausage, the house-roasted basil sauce, and vegan mozzarella. The most locally flavored pie ("Georgia Peach") also uses Beyond sausage, roasted peaches, and spicy peppers. Hungry vegans can opt to build their own calzones with two toppings and one "meat."

All the pizza goodness without the meat | WhereTraveler
All the pizza goodness without the meat (Courtesy Plant-Based Pizzeria/Facebook)

Mamak Vegan Kitchen

Chamblee, GA is home to some of the best vegan Malaysian cuisine in the state. Mamak Vegan Kitchen's 100% plant-based menu is available on the patio, in the socially distanced dining room, or for takeout and delivery. All of the "meats" are made with soy, mung bean, or other plant-based ingredients. The fried curry cauliflower is one of the most popular appetizers and a local favorite. The Beyond rendang curry is also a neighborhood favorite with Beyond meat and a rich, spiced curry sauce. The wok tossed fried tofu in a tart mango sauce is perfect for spring al fresco dining. The drinks are as colorful as the food including butterfly pea flower lemonade and the richly hued hibiscus ice tea sparkler. 

Vegan, flavorful Malaysian cuisine | WhereTraveler
Flavorful, vegan Malaysian cuisine (Courtesy Mamak Vegan Kitchen)