The Best Hot Dogs in Atlanta

Where to Find Great Hot Dogs in ATL

​Summer is here, and that means backyard cookouts, baseball games and picnics. Hot Dogs are one of the quintessential summer foods, and these Atlanta spots serve up the best dogs around. 

The Original Hot Dog Factory

Your first stop for National Hot Dog Day in Atlanta must be The Original Hot Dog Factory. More than 20 signature dogs are on the menu, including famous wiener recipes from around the United States (think Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles). Keep it local (and spicy) with the "Atlanta LX Footlong," an all-beef hot dog topped with Arizona Heat hot sauce, jalapeño and short peppers. An unusual (but fantastic) concoction is the "Surf & Turf Dog" topped with super lump crab meat, lettuce, tomato and "Try Me" sauce. 

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Hot Dog (©Yuheng Chen)

Skip's Chicago Dogs

The authentic Vienna beef dogs at Skip's Chicago Dogs bring a taste of the Windy City to Atlanta. The classic Chicago-style dog gets topped with your choice of mustard, tomato, pickles, celery salt and hot peppers on the iconic poppyseed bun. Extra hungry? Grab a quarter-pound grilled hot dog with fixings like onions and relish. The fully-loaded corn dog is for the hungriest frank fans topped with chili, cheese, kraut, slaw and hot peppers and bell peppers.


Flipper's is a specialty meats shop that can supply you with everything you need for an at-home National Hot Dog Day celebration. The handmade sausages are artfully made one link at a time. The natural beef and pork sausages are made with natural casings that give them the super crisp snap you want when you bite into it right off the grill. Visit the Fripper's website for its recipe for chili dogs or pretzel-wrapped franks. 

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Hot Dog (©Jessica Loaiza)

Hot Dog Pete's

No matter where you go in the world, there will be some form of tubular meat grilled up and served on a bun. Hot Dot Pete's celebrates the worldliness of hot dogs with a globally-inspired menu. Pete's special dog is a blend of beef and pork loaded up with Greek meat sauce, diced white onions and mustard. Ohioans will recognize the Skyline chili dog, and visitors from SoCal will be comforted to find a Sonora dog on the menu. Don't sleep on "The Viking," a chicken sausage smothered in remoulade, diced raw onions, and crispy onions.

Oh! K-Dog

Go anywhere in Korea, and you're sure to find a street vendor selling Korean rice hot dogs. These signature snacks are fried on the stick until golden brown and then stuffed with all manner of delicious fillings. Oh! K-Dog is where Atlanta residents go to get a taste of this street treat. Get the classic dog, a cheese dog or stay vegetarian with a stick of mozzarella deep-fried instead. If the mozz dog sounds great, but you still want that meaty bite, get the half and half dog. Take it to the next level and get your dog rolled in diced potatoes, then deep-fried. 

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Korean Hot Dogs (©Joel Marrinan)

Dog Days Hot Dogs & Burgers

Build your own hot dog or choose from a vast selection of dogs at Dog Days Hot Dogs & Burgers. Some of the dogs on the menu are staples from other cities like the NY or Chicago-style, but Georgia has its own dog smothered in grilled onions, BBQ sauce and sweet slaw. Other crazy toppings include mac and cheese, melty mushroom and Swiss, or the spicy "Red Alert" with three kinds of hot peppers. Are you looking for a heftier dog? There are three sausages on the menu: Polish kielbasa, Italian or hot chicken. 

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Hot Dogs (©Timoune Aracama)