The Best Fried Chicken in Atlanta

A Roundup Of The Best Chicken Joints in ATL.

Atlanta takes fried chicken very seriously, making it one of the best places in the United States to enjoy this fantastic southern staple. We're here to help you find the best places to bite into the crispiest, juiciest fried chicken in the city. Here are the spots.

Atlanta's Best Fried Chicken

The Colonnade

Atlantans have been coming to The Colonnade Restaurant for fried chicken and warm hospitality since 1927. Some say it's the O.G. place to get chicken done right. Guests can order the famous fried chicken in either single or double portions of breast, wing, thigh or leg.

The chicken fried chicken consists of a floured then fried breast that's served golden brown with gravy. The battered chicken tenders are perfect for kids, lightly fried and served with honey mustard.Image removed.

An institution since 1927 | WhereTraveler
The Colonnade Interior (Courtesy The Colonnade/Facebook)

Hop's Chicken

Hop's Chicken is a family-friendly chicken joint in Ponce City Market. When you stop by, be sure to take a photo with its mascot, "Sophistichicken." Fried chicken is available by the piece and by half or whole bird. Chicken tenders can be ordered in three or five-piece portions, and guests can also order perfectly golden fried chicken in sandwich form.

"The Original Chicken" is a four-ounce fried breast topped with B&B pickles. You can also enjoy your fried chicken on a homemade buttermilk biscuit or kick it up a notch with the "Chef's Sandwich," a spicy fried sandwich with Frim Fram sauce, coleslaw and B&B pickles.

Chicken Sandwich at Hop's Chicken | WhereTraveler
Chicken Sandwich at Hop's (Courtesy Hopkins and Company )

Chicken + Beer

Jackmont Hospitality Inc. partnered with Chris Bridges, better known as Ludacris, to open Chicken + Beer, lovingly named after the rapper's 2003 album. The location at Hartsfield-Jackson International was the first airport restaurant to be nominated for a James Beard award. The fried chicken sandwich comes in two flavor options—classic or "Hotlanta" which comes with spicy mayo, B&B pickles, slaw and potato wedges (add an egg or bacon for an additional charge).

The two-piece Southern fried chicken comes with a maple butter biscuit and two sides. Finally, feel those brunch vibe with "Luda's Chicken and Waffles," a choice of white or dark meat, maple bourbon syrup and sweet potato pecan chutney.

Luda's chicken and waffles | WhereTraveler
Luda's Chicken and Waffles (Courtesy Chicken + Beer)

Thank U Chicken

Southern-fried isn't the only way to enjoy crispy chicken in Atlanta. Thank U Chicken is serving up some of Georgia's best Korean fried chicken. The extra crispy, sweet and spicy, chicken is a favorite in Duluth. Order a half or whole fried chicken.

Both choices come with an abundance of Korean sides like fried gizzards, cold corn cheese, potato wedges and salad. The Korean street chicken is not to be missed. If someone in your party isn't feeling the amazing Asian vibes, Thank U also does delicious buttermilk fried chicken tenders and popcorn chicken.

Korean fried chicken | WhereTraveler
Korean Fried Chicken (Courtesy Thank U Chicken/Facebook)

Matthews Cafeteria

Louise and Bill Matthews opened Matthews Cafeteria in 1955, and their son-in-law and grandson still run it to this day. Matthews makes delicious southern cuisine from scratch the way it's supposed to be made in downtown Tucker, Georgia.

The menu rotates with the days of the week, but fried chicken or chicken tenders are available no matter when you visit. Guests can also get fried chicken livers exclusively on Mondays.

Mukja Fried Chicken


Mukja Fried Chicken is an independent Korean chicken joint started by two roommates in their college dorm. Born and raised in Atlanta, the founders are community-minded and what to give back to the city they call home.

There are five ways to enjoy crispy chicken at Mukja (Korean for "Let's eat!"). Order a quartered, half or whole bird, wings or a sandwich. Depending on how many pieces of chicken you order, you'll get a specified number of sides, sauces and pickled radishes. The sandwich is served on a potato roll with fries and pickled veggies.