Take the Chill Off With Atlanta's Cozy Comforts

Atlanta has the creature comforts to warm the cockles of your heart.

Atlanta does cold really well. Maybe we don’t know how to handle snow and ice (looking at you, Snowpocalypse of 2014), but we have plenty of treats to comfort us once those temperatures drop. Here are a few favorites we seek out to keep us warm. 

LanZhou Ramen Soup

The first thing I want to eat when there’s a nip in the air? Noodle soup. But not just any noodle soup, I want a bowl of warmth from LanZhou Ramen in Doraville. The name is a misnomer—they don’t serve ramen, which is a Japanese dish. It’s a Chinese restaurant (LanZhou is a city in northwest China) that specializes in hand-pulled and knife-cut noodles. You can actually see the chef making his noodles in the large display window when you’re eating there. Choose your protein and noodle style (my go-to is duck with thick, flat noodles) and slurp until you don’t need that sweater anymore.

Drinking Chocolate
from Xocolatl

Do yourself a favor and purchase Xocolatl’s drinking chocolate to sip from the comfort of your own couch. This husband-and-wife team creates single-origin chocolate treats, and the drinking chocolate is one of their most popular delights. It’s a powdered mix of ground chocolate and organic cane sugar and can be enjoyed as thick, creamy drinking chocolate or American-style hot chocolate (with a thinner viscosity). You can also buy it infused with vanilla or peppermint flavor. No matter how you indulge, don’t forget the whipped cream and marshmallow on top. You can find Xocolatl’s micro-factory in Krog Street Market.

Proof Bakeshop

Proof Bakeshop sells their goodies to coffee shops throughout the city, but travel to the source in Inman Park to get the full effect. The bakery is a sun-filled delight with plenty of comfy seating and a spacious communal table. You’ll often find a mix of remote workers and people leisurely sipping their coffee on any given day. I love to go at lunch when I can order a hearty soup and follow it up with a sweet treat from the pastry case (typically the cookie sandwich that reminds of an Oreo, but is so much better because it’s made from scratch).

Hot Tea at Tipple + Rose

If drinking tea in a cozy neighborhood nook sounds like your idea of comfort, then you need to visit Tipple + Rose in Virginia Highland. Lovingly run by Doria Roberts and her wife, chef Calavino Donati, the shop features plush, high-backed Victorian-style chairs that invite you to sink into them like Alice at the Mad Hatter’s tea party (only the vibe here is much more relaxing than that). They have several loose-leaf teas, but seasonal favorites include mulled wine, chocolate Earl Grey and Merry Marzipan. You can enjoy a high tea (book in advance), or just order a pot and enjoy with one of the shop’s house-made scones.

Wassail from Victory Sandwich Bar

Wassail, a traditional drink that dates back to medieval English times, gets a modern twist at both locations of Victory Sandwich Bar. The Wet Your Wassail is a blend of pineapple and orange juice, rum and spices like clove and nutmeg. It’ll give you the warm-and-fuzzies (and not just because it’s actually served warm).