Interview: Pauly Shore's Life on Tour

As Pauly Shore gets ready to perform at the Atlanta Improv, he shares with Where what life on tour is like and answers the question "What happened to Pauly Shore?"

After skyrocketing to movie stardom in the 1990s, Pauly Shore has continued a long career in comedy. Now, the irreverent and foul-mouthed funnyman released a documentary called “Pauly Shore Stands Alone” on Showtime all while hosting a weekly podcast and performing stand-up throughout the U.S. 

Pauly Shore
Actor/comedian Pauly Shore hosts his weekly podcast, "Interested." (Courtesy Pauly Shore)

What do you like to do in Atlanta?

Last time I was here, I interviewed Herman Cain for my political special on Showtime. We went to a pool hall. I like to go to the gym or have a nice lunch. There are great places to eat in Atlanta. There’s a good sushi spot that I’ve been to before—I think it’s called Umi. I know TBS and TNT are here, so that’s cool. And CNN—I like to go visit my friend Wolf Blitzer.

What are you most looking forward to about performing in Atlanta?

The crowds, the people, the energy. I‘ve always had a good time doing shows there. It should be cool. I haven’t played the Atlanta Improv, so it’ll be my first time.

Pauly Shore performs standup at The Punchline
90s movie star Pauly Shore performs standup at The Punchline comedy club in Atlanta. (Courtesy Pauly Shore)

Where have you performed in Atlanta?

Mostly at The Punchline. I also performed at the Fox Theatre a long time ago.

What does a typical day look like for you on tour?

It depends on what the town is. Like right now I’m in a really obscure town called Vernal, Utah, and I’d rather just stay in. In big cities, I’ll go out and check out the town.

What kinds of places do you like to visit when you’re in a bigger city?

I become friends with people in each city who can show me around. Like if someone came to Los Angeles they wouldn’t really know where to go, so they’d have to call me up and then I’d show them around.

Pauly Shore
Standup comedian Pauly Shore tours in the U.S. most of the year. (Courtesy Pauly Shore)

What are some of your favorite venues in the U.S.?

Venues where there’s people in the seats. The thing is, I like to go to obscure markets and I like to go to non-obscure markets. I like to mix it up. Basically, there are the big towns and then there are all the towns in between, and those are the towns you want to go to. Most of the people there don’t ever go to the big towns. They’re stuck in the small towns.

Tell me about everything you have going on right now.

I just had a documentary come out on Showtime called “Pauly Shore Stands Alone.” It’s out right now and it’s pretty much a travel documentary through the Midwest. It’s about my travel through the smaller markets and doing the shows. I also have a podcast that comes out every week, “Interested.”

Pauly Shore
Pauly Shore is the subject of the Showtime documentary "Pauly Shore Stands Alone," which premiered in December 2014. (Courtesy Pauly Shore)

And you have your tour. When does the tour end?

Never. You go home for a while, then you go back out, you go home for a while, then you go back out, you know what I mean? My life’s like a big tour. It’s cool, I’m still semi-young. I’m not too old yet where it’s like, “I hate the road!” As long as I’m not anywhere for too long. I like to keep moving.

Where is somewhere surprising someone might find you?

The Russian bath house. I like to sweat in the sauna. They’re not in every city—they have one in New York, Miami’s got one at The Castle Hotel. It’s like a Turkish/Russian bath house. I’m a member at the one in L.A.

What do you never leave home without?

My baby powder. Use your imagination.