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Hungry? Visit These 24-Hour Diners in Atlanta

Midnight munchies have met their match.

A never-ending flow of delectable dishes may seem like a distant dream, but at these diners, it’s a 24/7 reality. Whether you’ve welcomed the wee hours of the morning by bar-hopping on Edgewood Avenue or finished up a long spell of late-night work, midnight munchies have met their match.

At these eateries—which include everything from tried-and-true family establishments to longstanding icons and even one that inspired a play—menus overflow with abundant and diverse options while display cases lined with frosted delights summon your sweet tooth.

Our 24-hour roundup guides nighttime noshers like a tasty beacon in the hungry night, no matter the craving, day of the year or hour of the night. So worry not, midnight munchers, these stops have you covered.

Landmark Diner, Atlanta, GA
(Courtesy Landmark Diner)

Landmark Diner

Like a multicolored beacon, the original Landmark Diner is hard to miss. Tom and Carolyn Lambrou opened their neon-encrusted establishment in 1994 after owning several diners in New York. According to Lambrou, who moved to the U.S. from Greece in the late 1960s, owning a diner is part of the Greek-American lifestyle. Indeed, Landmark is a 24-hour restaurant that embodies the flash, energy and hospitality considered trademarks of Greek culture—not to mention the food. Scour page after page of the delectable menu to find seafood platters, traditional Italian and Greek platters, and to-die-for cakes and pies that beckon patrons from their displays.

The Majestic Diner

This aptly named diner is one of Atlanta’s most beloved. Situated in the center of the city, the Majestic (as it’s known to locals) is the stuff of all-day breakfast legends. Pick from an ample selection of omelettes (like our favorites, the spinach feta omelette and gyro omelette), or opt for classic egg combos with grits and toast. To spice things up, you can also dig into Southwest egg specialties like eggs rancheros with chorizo.

Marietta Diner, Atlanta, GA
Marietta Diner is beloved throughout the region. (©Zach Clean/Flickr)

Marietta Diner

This family owned diner has earned its reputation as one of the best in the nation by keeping its food consistently delicious, even though it offers hundreds of dishes in a wide variety of styles and cuisines 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This impressive and hardworking team that has kept the “yums” coming without pause since it opened in 1995. No wonder it’s included on national best-of lists year after year.

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

This extravagantly decorated 24-hour eatery embraces its “you are what you eat” motto by using high-quality ingredients like cold-pressed organic oils, fresh produce and organic grains throughout its menu; the result is food that tastes as good as it makes you feel. Make sure to say hi to Mr. Thomas’ birds as you walk up from the parking lot.

Waffle House, Atlanta, GA
Waffle House is known for its omelettes smothered in cheese. (©James/Flickr)

Waffle House

This iconic establishment is so famous in Atlanta that a local theater company, Horizon Theatre, commissioned a riotous play, “The Waffle Palace,” to pay homage to the wacky characters that stroll through during the otherwise still hours of the night. Visit this iconic stop for a late-night omelette, loaded sandwich or T-bone steak dinner with a side of hash browns “smothered,” “covered” and “topped.” In Atlanta, you’ll never have trouble finding a Waffle House nearby—seven locations surround the airport alone.