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Warm Up to These Fall Trends in Atlanta

Fall in Atlanta is a conundrum. While our fashion senses tell us it’s time to break out our boots and start layering, the steamy weather tells us to press pause. In fact, Atlanta’s temperatures don’t tend to drop until mid to late October. 

While we might not be able to fully dip in to fall trends until a little later than our northern neighbors, there are ways to incorporate the season’s fads now. Think switching up accessories and improving beauty and wellness routines. After all, why put off until tomorrow what you can try today? We turn to local experts to weigh in on what’s cool this season.

Flooid (Courtesy Non Gender Specific)


While better beauty ingredients have been on the scene for quite some time, Fall 2019 will shine even more light on green beauty practices such as eco-friendly packaging. In fact, green beauty fanatics may have already noticed their favorite brands making some shifts such as using glass containers and recyclable palettes. Atlanta-based Non Gender Specific recently launched Flooid, a genderless scent packaged in a box made of wildflower seeds that can be planted.

Poncey-Highland green cosmetic store Fig & Flower features several sustainably packaged goods, including vegan brand Aether Beauty, whose latest paper eyeshadow palette is fully recyclable once pans and elastic are removed.


It comes as no surprise that leopard print is back, but Atlanta fashion designer Bettina Benson of Chloe Kristyn says to expect the unexpected for the pattern: “I believe that leopard is a neutral, so this is nothing new for fall; however, we will be seeing many variations, particularly leopard and other animal prints in bright and neon shades.” Those punchy colors mean you can integrate the print into your wardrobe now.

“Start incorporating fall fashion trends by wearing jewel-toned camisoles and blouses with denim, or structured trousers. Some of the neon leopard prints are perfect for a summer to fall transition, too,” says Benson.

Once we do see cooler temperatures, she says to consider adding a leopard print blazer. “Outside of jackets and blazers, think satin blouses, camisoles, ponte knit separates and dresses in jewel-tone hues,” says Benson. 

Acetate earrings (©Kathryn Mccrary Photography)


This has been the year of acetate’s comeback, and the love for the lightweight, renewable material will continue this fall. Think eyewear for men and jewelry for women. Erin Doster, co-founder of new-on-the-scene Más Mos, a brand featuring mix-and-match acetate earrings, emphasizes how multifaceted acetate is. 

“Whether it’s an earring, bangle, or chunky necklace, acetate is extremely light and easy to wear and layer,” says Doster, whose brand specializes in buildable earrings, where pieces can be added on over time. “It is also unique in the way that it becomes a canvas for a large range of colors, patterns and shapes.”

Mandy Kellogg Rye, owner of women’s boutique Waiting on Martha Everyday, says to expect even more cheeky statements using the material: “I’m seeing really fun shapes being created with it, like fruits and flowers molded out of all different colors of acetate.” 

Olive and brown set the tone for menswear (©Thomas Wages)


Gents, be on the lookout this season for rich tones in traditional, yet unexpected autumnal hues such as browns and olives.

“The seasonal colors we are most excited about are olive and brown,” says Thomas Wages, the designer behind the eponymous brand. “The most surprising color to make a comeback this fall is brown. We’ll see a great deal of rich browns with olives.”

While no one expects guys to don tweed and wool on the first day of fall in Atlanta, you can start small with accessories. “If you have an olive satchel, tie, pocket square, key chain, or socks, start with those first,” says Wages. “Then layer in those brown and olive overcoats, sport coats, sweaters and wool trousers the instant it gets below 50.” Wages says his designs in these tones will be embodied in heathered flannels, micro-corduroys and tweed.

Meditation session at L'Artisan Muse (©L’Artisan Muse)


From isolation tanks to sound baths, sensory wellness is all the rage. Music, of course, has always played an integral role in group fitness, but new wellness approaches are going beyond pumped-up playlists and focusing instead on incorporating many signature scents.

“Intentionally engaging our five senses—hearing, touching, smelling, tasting and seeing—are incredibly powerful tools in providing instant relief in a hectic world,” says November Nichols, owner of L’Artisan Muse. The one-stop wellness spot in West Midtown specializes in sensory wellness. “Your senses provide clues about your body and what it needs,” says Nichols.

Classes at L’Artisan Muse, such as Le’ Sit and L’Chemin, include aromatherapy, a hydration bar, hands-on assistance and sound aids. Attendees start with a drink from the hydration bar, which provides a different infused water every day. On their way to the meditation space, attendees pass several diffusers, exposing them to all five senses.Throughout the class, the instructor uses gentle touch and ends with L’Artisan Muse’s energizing fragrance to pull students out of their meditative state.

Watch for more sense-sensitive practices as we head into 2020.