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MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority)

Atlanta's public transportation system serves 38 rail stations and over 90 bus routes. Buses: weekdays 5 am-1:30 am; weekends and holidays 5 am-12:30 am. Trains: weekdays 4:45 am-1 am; weekends and holidays 6 am-1 am. The rechargable Breeze Card stores up to $300 in cash value for up to four years. Tickets: one trip $2.50; multi-day passes $9-$19; seven-day pass $23.75; 30-day $95. After 9 pm: the Red Line only travels between Lindbergh and North Springs stations—transfer to the Gold Line at Lindbergh; the Green Line only travels between Bankhead and Vine City stations—transfer to the Blue Line at Vine City.