How to Do Amsterdam in 24 Hours

A video crash course for seeing the best of Amsterdam

In Amsterdam there’s no shortage exciting attractions, tasty cuisine and breathtaking scenery. With so much to do it’s a wonder how you’ll ever find the time to experience all this city has to offer when you get there. But don’t fret, this video guide shows you how to squeeze an amazing trip into a 24-hour window or a weekend getaway if you happen to be staying for more than a day.

One of the most visitied cities in Europe, Amsterdam is famous for its canals, architecture and alternative forms of entertainment. Love the arts? Visit the famous Van Gogh Museum founded in 1973. If you’re more into modern collections, right next-door is the Stedelijk Museum.

Feeling hungry? Try the highly rated modern French cuisine at Vinkeles which is headed by Executive Chef Dennis Kuipers. Or flip the script and try authentic Asian street-food dishes at Happyhappyjoyjoy in Da Costabuurt. If you're looking for a trendy and wild experience late night, take off your shoes and sip a cocktail at Supperclub. Its mix of club, restaurant, bar and gallery is sure to be a highlight of your trip. 

Get there: Most major cities in the United States have direct flights to Schiphol Airport, just 20 minutes outside of Amsterdam. If you're traveling from major cities in Europe, airlines like Vueling and KLM offer afforable, one-hour flights into the city.