Get Some Shut Eye in an Airport Sleep Pod

Use these innovative sleep solutions to stay refreshed while traveling.

Sleep pods are a current favorite for sleep-deprived globetrotters, offering a quiet environment where passengers can get in their recommended 40 winks.

The Abu Dhabi International Airport is one of the leaders in this recharge revolution. It's where GoSleep held the global launch of its pods, inspired by business-class airline seats. WiFi enabled with space for bags, the pods here boast a roller blind that allows for partial or full closure. These Finnish-designed pods are also available at the Helsinki Vantaa Airport.

GoSleep sleep pods at Helskini's airport

Like a glorious vending machine of sleep, Germany's Munich or Berlin airports supply much-needed snoozes in napcabs, a 40-square-foot cube with modern amenities and a place to lay your head. 

At London's Heathrow and Gatwick, Amsterdam's Schipol and Paris' Charles de Gaulle airports travelers can find Yotel's standard cabin—75 square feet—with a single bed plus other amenities and large family cabins that sleep four.

Napcabs in Berline airport