3D Imaging Might Be Arriving Soon at an Airport Near You

The 3-D scanning technology being tested in Phoenix might speed up security checks in airports across the country.

X-Ray imaging could soon come to a terminal near you.

The Transportation Security and American Airlines are working together to test a computed tomography scanner—a CT scanner—in a checkpoint at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). The scanner can "see" items inside carry-on bags via 3-D images and can tell if the bags contain threatening items. The scanner quickly take hundreds of pictures to tell what's in each carry on. 

According to an American Airlines press release, this type of tech is already used to scan checked luggage so security risks aren't expected to increase with the new scanner.

This new technology may have another benefit as well. With more advanced scanning liquids, gels, aerosols and even laptops could stay inside passengers' carry-on luggage throughout the security-check process.