3 Inspiring Travel Videos Created by Young Filmmakers

These travel videos shot by millennials might make you update your bucket list.

Smartphones, DSLR’s and hand-held cameras have turned millennials and young people into some of today’s top content creators. 

These videos visit the relatively unknown Laos to see what life is like, tour the amazing architecture in Barcelona and then lace up hiking books for a Rocky Mountain adventure.

As a landlocked country between Vietnam and Thailand, Laos doesn’t receive much attention as a tourist destination. That should change. Laos is packed full of beauty, culture and fun things to do for travelers. This video showcases its monasteries, fishing villages and locals. 

While Laos is often forgotten, Barcelona on the other hand is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Known for its whimsical architecture, the Gothic quarter and tapas bars in Barcelona should be on your bucket list. This amazing video truly captures the essence of the great city and will having you planning your next trip.

This group of friends spent the day hiking to gorgeous lakes and waterfalls. There are elk sightings, fog-covered ponds and incredible vistas showcasing the Rockies' beautiful landscape and ecosystem.