12 Places Where It's Impossible to Take a Bad Photo

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Boat in the water near a cliff
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Fur seals at the beach
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

As a premier destination for photographing wildlife, the Galápagos Islands, in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Ecuador, offers up various photo ops. Grab a camera and you may catch sea lions, giant tortoises, penguins and other species that are unique to the Galapagos. While hiking, stop and get photos of the volcanoes and vegetation that make up the island's landscape. 

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Rainbow at Iguazu Falls
©Marissa Strniste/Flickr, Creative Commons
Iguazu Falls, Misiones Province, Argentina

Walk the footbridge or take a boat tour in Misiones Province, Argentina to photograph picturesque falls, animals and plant life at Iguazu Falls. The area is made up of more than 270 waterfalls, the tallest being Devil's Throat. Iguazu Falls is twice as tall as Niagara Falls, so grab a camera and let the water curtains speak for themselves.

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Palm trees on the beach in Maui
Makena Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Head to South Maui to snap photos of 1.5 miles of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Also known as "Big Beach," Makena Beach also offers views of Molokini, a submerged crescent-shaped volcanic crater.

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Elephants walking in a field
©Feans/Flickr, Creative Commons
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park is another fantastic area for getting snapshots of wildlife. The Serengeti plains offer up views of wildebeests, zebras and buffalo, while the Western area of the park is home to crocodiles, hippos and monkeys. Gather a group, go on a safari and witness animals in their natural habitat. 

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Machu Pichu in Peru
©qquinof/Flickr, Creative Commons
Machu Picchu, Peru

History buffs can't get enough of Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan site located in Peru. The mysterious 15th-century citadel is known for its stone walls and huge blocks. There are many ways to capture the full beauty of Machu Picchu: walk up to the hills and get snaps from up above, or get up close and photograph the details. 

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Shoreline of Reine, Norway
©Sergei Gussev/Flickr, Creative Commons
Lofoten Islands: Reine, Norway

In Norway's Lofoten Islands Islands, travelers can experience the quiet, remote fishing village of Reine. Get panoramic views of the town by hiking Reinebringen, capture stunning beaches or visit in the winter to see the awe-inspiring Northern Light. 

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The colorful tomb of Tamerlane or Timur
Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Another favorite of historians, Samarkand is known for various mosques and mausoleums. The city is located along the Silk Road, home to striking Islamic architecture which makes a perfect photo subject. Take photos outdoor of Tamerlane or Timur tomb (pictures above) or head inside and photograph the tile mosaics, either way, the details in these structures will do all the talking. 

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Tropical scenery Canary Islands
Garajonay National Park, Canary Islands: Spain

Located in Spain's Canary Islands, Garajonay National Park is filled with more than 450 plant species, 34 that are native to the island and eight that can only be found in the park—so you'll probably see lush vegetation like never before. Trying to snap a shot of the wildlife? Garajonay is filled with mostly bird and lizard species. 

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Shoreline of Lover's Beach
Baja California Peninsula: Los Cabos, Mexico

Take your pick at photogenic areas in Cabo: the rock formation known as "The Arch," whale watching in shallow lagoons or attempt to capture the romantic atmosphere of Lover's Beach. There are also many opportunities to photograph the fish, sea lions and turtles. 

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Frozen Lake Baikal in the winter
©Sergey Pesterev/Shutterstock
Lake Baikal, Russia

If you think you have the guts, head to Siberia, hike the Great Baikal Trail and witness the wondrous beauty of the world's oldest and deepest lake, Lake Baikal. The lake is surrounded by mountains and is home to 1,200 animal species and 600 types of plants. In the summer visitors can capture the clear, blue lake surrounded by greenery in the mountains, or witness the completely frozen lake for five months of the year which is an equally stunning site to see. 

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Flower garden on a lake
Isola Bella, Italy

While there's a lot to see in Italy, travelers should visit Isola Bella, an Italianate garden and fishing village in Northern Italy. Photograph the elegant architectural designs of the palazzo, or walk through the baroque gardens for glimpses statues and the luxurious botanical gardens. 

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Boat in the sea in the Philippines
El Nido, Philippines

The photo opportunities on El Nido are endless. From clear-watered lagoons to white sand beaches, there so much to see on the cluster of islands on the tip of Palawan Island. Start by kayaking and photographing the grand cliffs surrounded by water. After that, grab a Go Pro—or another waterproof camera—and document your snorkeling experience. 

By Jasmyn Snipes Louis

Capturing the perfect photo while traveling can be difficult. There are so many things to consider including angles, lighting and depth of field. 

However, some places around the world are so beautiful and unique that photographs don't have to do much work—meaning the scene speaks for itself. Whether you are a professional with top-of-the-line equipment or you've just got your smartphone handy, taking a photo is made easy with beautiful settings. It's almost impossible to take a bad photo of these gorgeous destinations. 

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