10 Healthy Cities to Visit For Your Next Vacation

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Australian lunch in a cafe
Sydney, Australia

Want a healthy beach getaway? Enjoy swimming, running or doing yoga at Bondi Beach in Sydney. The beach is surrounded by healthy cafes, so try the brunch at Trio or grab a bite at Lox Stock and Barrel.

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Couple running in San Francisco
San Francisco

According to Prevention, San Francisco is one of the healthiest places in the U.S. Visit the city and try outdoor fitness activities at Lands End or Golden Gate Bridge and then grab a healthy bite at one of many healthy restaurants including As Quoted and Little Gem.

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Miyakojima island landscape, Okinawa, Japan
Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa is home to many centenarians. What's the secret? They largely have plant-based diets and are known for being active walkers and gardeners. Visit Okashi Goten to see gardens and try healthy cuisine, or eat at Uminchu Ryori Kaihomaru and Ufuya. Visitors can also enjoy scenic walks at Ikema Ohashi Bridge and Ocean Expo Park.

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Friends riding bikes in a city
Portland, Oregon

Portland's residents are physically active and eat smart. The CDC even stated that Oregonians often stay healthy 15 years after retirement. So try some healthy comfort food at Besaws and beverages at Tea Bar. Wellness activities include cycling groups, fitness at Pulse PDX and rock climbing with She Moves Mountains.

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There are various activities to boost your health regime while visiting Singapore. Whether you prefer yoga in the gardens, scenic bike tours around the city or plant-based restaurants like Plentyfull, there's sure to be something to keep you healthy and happy.

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Woman walking a dog
Scottsdale, Arizona

According to Wallethub, Scottsdale is the healthiest city in the country when it comes to fitness, making it a perfect destination for outdoor experiences like hiking, walking and cycling. Get healthy enjoy and scenic views by doing these activities at Camelback Mountain.

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Bolder Boulder runners at starting line
Boulder, Colorado

Boulder's life expectancy is 80 years old and the city has been named the "least obese U.S. community" on numerous occasions. Visitors here are treated to several trails and parks. So many that people actually move here to become marathoners. Boulder is even home to the third-largest running race in the country with more than 50,000 participants.

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Traditional village of Ikaria Island, Sporades, Greece
Ikaria, Greece

The Greek island of Ikaria overs health-nuts delicious local plates that often include stewed veggies, goat or fish. To live as the Ikarians live, visitors can sign up for the Longevity Retreat, which will help them gain a deeper understanding of the Ikarian lifestyle. Looking to get active while visiting? Try Ikaria Surf School

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Properties along Lake Geneva
Geneva, Switzerland

The Swiss are all about healthy living: they walk everywhere, they participate in many outdoor events and their diets are made up of fish and seasonal produce. Visit Geneva, where you can stroll through markets like Plainpalais Market for seafood and fresh ingredients. Eat a meal at Ensalad or Takinoa.  Plus Geneva has easy access to local ski resorts.

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Rustic tables in Castelsardo old town, Sardinia
Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is also known for having many centenarians. Here, locals credit their long lifespans to their Mediterranean diet. So a visit to Sardinia could be one of the best food experiences of your life. Try pasta at Trattoria La Vela Latina and delicious fish at La Risacca. Plus, the people in Sardinia have very social lives, so enjoy some time mingling at Lord Nelson or Caffè Latino.

By Jasmyn Snipes Louis

We've all heard the saying "health is wealth," and some communities around the world fully embrace the slogan.

Some cities have unique diets—high-veganism, Mediterranean cuisines and high-fish intake—where some towns are filled with fitness enthusiasts. Whether you take your travels to these health-conscious destinations or decide to visit cities that are home to a high number of centenarians, these are the cities for travelers who want to experience a great variety of fitness activities, healthy restaurants and great social atmosphere.

Eat well, feel good and discover a new destination and its healthy community.

Jasmyn Snipes Louis
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