10 Apps That'll Help You Tour a New City

Touring cities with headphones is a fun way to see a city at your own pace.

Cities Talking: With Cities Talking, users can listen to a guided tour narrated by locals. The app offers GPS-enabled maps, guidebook and descriptions that can be read while the audio plays. The app also displays nearby bars, restaurants and hotels. 

GPSmyCity: The fact that GPSmyCity works offline may be a huge draw for some users as it removes the risk of overseas roaming charges. Users can create their own self-guided walking tour or tour routes on the map. Like a GPS, the app gives turn-by-turn walking directions. 

Geotourist: Geotourist simply find the user's location and displays nearby attractions and landmarks. Select desired destination and an audio guided tour created by other app users will play. That means anyone with the app can also create their own audio, tag it and share it on social media or within the Geotourist app for others to access.

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StraybootsStrayboots elevates the whole self-guided experience. The app offers more than 60 self-guided, scavenger hunt-style challenges along your route from food and drink challenges to strategy games. Currently players can access the app in certain European, Australian and American cities. It's a tour with a twist and perfect for small groups.

Rick StevesThe Rick Steves Audio Europe Travel App is a compilation of Rick Steves' guided tours across Europe. Users can create playlists that can be labeled for convenient access. Each guided tour is set up like an audio book allowing users to scroll through labeled chapters with pause, play, fast forward and rewind features.

Detour: If you're headed to San Francisco, downloading the Detour app is a must. Even if you're local to the area, the app is quite impressive. Using GPS tracking, the app gives a local spin on each destination including insider knowledge, hidden gems and interviews from locals. Right now, the app is only available in San Francisco. 

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AllTrailsAllTrails allows users access to over 50,000 trail maps. Simply filter by hike, bike ride or trail run then set length, rating and difficulty level. Trail options include dog-friendly trails, trails with breathtaking views, and more. Let the GPS tracker record pace, distance, elevation and max speed along the trail.

Field Trip: For users interested in off-the-beaten-path landmarks, there's Field Trip (by Google). The app notifies users when an interesting landmark is nearby including historic places, food, drink, stores, products and even music. View photos, read descriptions and learn about the attractions before venturing inside.

Roadside America: Before your next road trip, download Roadside America. The app tracks your location and points out historic landmarks, museums and other attractions along the way. Directions, phone numbers and hours are provided for each suggested attraction. 

Bonus: Web-based App

History Pin: While not exactly an app, the browser-based program is perfect for the history buff. History Pin shows your current location as it once looked in the past. Toggle your phone's camera over your current location and a series of historic photos appear. History Pin also offers historic guided tours so you can tour a city in the context of the past. Tour narrations are sourced both by users and verified historical institutions.