12 'Game of Thrones' Locations You Can Visit for Less Than $10

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The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland
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Dimmuborgir Iceland, Game of Thrones
©Sergii Gulenok/Flickr, Creative Commons
Dimmuborgir: Wildling Camp

What better place than an Icelandic world full of lava fields and formations as strange as the Viking-esque Wildling warriors for the rowdy bunch to call home? We can just picture a disgusted Brienne trying to hide from the lustful Thormund among the misshapen rocks. Free.

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Grjotagja, Iceland, Game of Thrones
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Grjotagja: Jon and Ygritte's Cave

Jon and Ygritte got away from the Wildlings to realize their passion inside a small lava cave that's also in Iceland. While reports vary as to whether or not this natural hot spring is too steamy for bathing, it's best not to do more than dip your toe in. Free.

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Thingvellir National Park Iceland Game of Thrones
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Thingvellir National Park: The Eyrie

The foreboding pass to The Eyrie is in Iceland's Thingvellir National Park. The World Heritage site is on a tectonic plate that has many rifts and fissures, some with crystal-blue rivers running through them. Free. 


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Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones
©Tourism Northern Ireland
Dunluce Castle Northern Ireland: Game of Thrones Seat of House Greyjoy

You wouldn't know Yara and Theon had such a gorgeous home given the gloominess portrayed on the series. But the producers got the history right: the castle was built in the 1500s and has been a site of violence, intrigue and rebellion. $6.57 adults

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Mussenden Temple Northern Ireland Game of Thrones
©Tourism Northern Ireland
Mussenden Temple: Stannis Baratheon's camp

Melisandre did Stannis Baratheon's dirty work at this 18th-century temple that overlooks Northern Ireland's Downhill Strand. Once part of the Earl of Bishop's estate, it was built as a summer library; in 1997 it received funds from the National Trust to stabilize its perch over the sea. $6.12 adults

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Doune Castle in Scotland, Game of Thrones
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Doune Castle: Winterfell No. 1

This Scottish castle was the home base for House Stark in the show's pilot. It's a long-celebrated filming spot also featured in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," "Ivanhoe" and "Outlander." $4.73 adults


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The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones
©Tourism Northern Ireland
The Dark Hedges: King's Road

When Arya escapes her would-be captors in King's Landing, she ends up on a cart traveling to the Night's Watch down King's Road. It's actually The Dark Hedges, an avenue of trees planted to impress guests en route to Gracehill House, a Georgian mansion. Free parking available at Gracehill House

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Stradun, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Game of Thrones
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The Stradun: King's Landing, walk of shame

Cersei wasn't a happy camper during her walk down King's Landing's main thoroughfare on the historic limestone-covered street of Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia. Free

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Arboretum Trsteno, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Game of Thrones
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Arboretum Trsteno: King's Landing garden

Some of the show's most dastardly plots were conceived in the King's Landing garden, filmed at the Arboretum Trsteno 20 miles outside of Dubrovnik. The lush property is full of date palms, Japanese banana trees, magnolias, bougainvillea, cacti and other exotic plants. $6.37 adults

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Diocletian's Palace Game of Thrones
©Visit Croatia
Diocletian's Palace: Daenerys Targaryen's throne room

The season four scenes in which Daenerys Targaryen trained her dragons and held court in her throne room took place at this palace in Split, Croatia, the country's second-largest city. It was built by Emperor Diocletian who voluntarily gave up his throne at the turn of the 4th century. It's now mostly in ruins. Free


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Split, Croatia Game of Thrones Klis Fortress
©Visit Croatia
Klis Fortress: Meereen

As another site of Targaryen victory, viewers were treated to the panoramic countryside of Split after Dany took the city of Meereen. In actuality, this medieval fortress is 20 miles from the city. It guarded the seat for many Croatian kings, but now is a peaceful site rife with hikers. $3.18 for adults

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Ouarzazate, Morocco
©Much Morocco
Ouarzazate: Yunkai

Known as the gateway to the Sahara Desert, Ouarzazate, Morocco became Yunkai in season three. The city, full of palm trees, sandy streets and fort-like buildings, is no stranger to filming; it was also the setting for "Gladiator."


By Jennifer McKee on 08/09/2017

Exploring the world of Westeros is as easy as planning a trip to the U.K., Morocco or Croatia, the big three when it comes to GoT filming locations. Here, the verdant countrysides, sandy cities and old-world buildings will definitely take you to another land. Best yet, entry fees of $10 or less let you geek out on a budget.