10 Netflix Series That Will Stoke Your Wanderlust

These are the Netflix series for travel inspiration; from Anthony Bourdain traveling the world to two backpackers trekking each national park.

While there are hundreds of shows and movies to stream, there are some programs that captivate every traveler with beautiful scenery, imagery of city life and the accounts of fanatical travelers yearning to tell their stories. 

Netflix is jam-packed with inspiring content and, for those with a few hours, diving into a new series isn't a problem. While comedies, dramas and other genres run rampant on the popular streaming service, these are a few of the shows to watch when traveling from the couch is the most feasible option. The cinematography, geography and inspiration is at an astounding high throughout each episode, so hold on and be prepared to be amazed, informed and inspired. 

Born to Explore With Richard Wiese (2013)

Through more than two dozen 20-minute episodes, Richard Wiese explores the culture, cuisine and spirit of destinations all over the globe. From the Highland games in Scotland—as a kilt-clad participant—to Zulu warrior dances and archeological digs in Cyprus, the episodes of "Born to Explore" are packed with adventure, novel facts and insights into peoples' lives from just about everywhere.

Tales by Light (2015)

The main focus of this hit Netflix-original show is photography, but the storytelling is what will keep travelers hooked. Skim through the six episodes—less than a half-hour each—to learn how photographers capture amazing photos around the world and to also hear the stories of the people in front of the lens.

Epic Drives (2014)

The Bayou, Big Sky Country and Alberta are just a few of the places that Arthur St. Antoine ventures to during this 10-episode series focused on high-octane vehicles that deliver power and adrenaline. Clocking in at less than half an hour per episode, a motivated viewer can race through the entire first season. 

Planet Earth (2007)

The 11 episodes of the first season of "Planet Earth" left audiences begging for more. This high-definition series was shot over the course of five years, narrated by Sigourney Weaver and David Attenborough. Explore the different biomes of Earth as the cameras roll deep into the heart of the biome. Expect to see breathtaking snapshots of the biome's animal and human population in addition to stunning views of the earth itself.

Human Planet (2011)

An answer to the outcry for more "Planet Earth" came in 2011 with the mini-series "Human Planet." This series takes a look all over the world at what the earth's inhabitants have to do to survive. Centered around human interactions with the world around us, this series is chock full of gorgeous scenery. Each of the eight, 40-minute episodes showcases life in eight unique areas around the world.

Rock the Park (2014)

Follow two amateur videographers—Jack Steward and Colton Smith—as they attempt to venture through every national park. A fairly rocky start in Alaska's Katmai National Park makes way for adventures through Yellowstone, the Santa Monica mountains, Joshua Tree National Park and more. The two combine adventure and adrenaline activities into the episodes to keep things entertaining.

Parts Unknown (2016)

Follow culinary star Anthony Bourdain on a trek through the world's biggest and smallest cities in search of great cuisine and intriguing company. While most of the show is culinary centric, Bourdain's famous interview style—so casual it doesn't feel like an interview—coaxes out details about the person's life, their home and culture. Explore not only a cuisine, but the destination's major attractions and people through Bourdain's travels.

Chef's Table (2016)

Watching someone who's passionate about their career has never been more mouth-watering or inspiring. Visit culinary meccas throughout the world and learn how tastemakers and local influencers are changing the game when it comes to what makes it on peoples' plates. From organic farming in Massachusetts to saving thousands of wheels of parmigiano-reggiano—and a local community's economy—after a massive earthquake, these episodes follow interesting and creative chefs in their culinary pursuits of perfection.

Sense8 (2017)

Eight people share a mysterious link, explored through the seasons of "Sense8." Intense scenes of day-to-day life in eight different communities around the world may lead to serious wanderlust. This fictitious narrative is edgy, entertaining and visually stunning as it explores the communities that these eight people, and the people around them, live and work in. 

I'll Have What Phil's Having (2015)

The creator of "Everybody Loves Raymond" takes to the streets of the world in order to find delicious eats to satisfy his foodie palate. Phil Rosenthal tours the globe—from Barcelona to to Tokyo—in this six-episode mini series. He dispenses culinary insights and general travel tips along the way.