12 Instagrammers to Inspire Your Wanderlust in 2017

From back-street explorers to young families looking for adventure, these photographers make us ache to travel the world.

Exploration doesn't have to be difficult, and 2017 is a good year to travel—or to live vicariously through others' travels.

For the latter, there are doors within the Instagram world that open up to stunning scenery and provoking travel images. The service recently surpassed 600 million users in its community, and out of those 600 million, it's never dull. We're always stumbling across fabulous travel-focused Instagram accounts. Here are 12 of our favorites to get you started.

@robertmichaelpoole loves the details.

Robert Michael Poole has been traveling the world for years and, so far, has visited more than 117 countries. His Instagram account serves as documentation chronicling the people and animals he meets along the way. His photos are clear, sharp snaps filled with attention to the tiniest detail, creating beautifully composed shots. This full-time digital nomad uses a Sony setup for capturing images and, when he's not traveling, calls Tokyo home.

@TravelPast50 captures the moment.

Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning packed up from Saint Paul, Minnesota, and took off in 2010. Their round-the-world journey chronicles the highlights and challenges of traveling later in life, with all the gorgeous photos to prove that it's a rewarding experience. The couple lived in Spain for two years and, when traveling, Bartel says he packs more camera gear than clothes. With shots from all over the world, it's hard not to keep scrolling through Bartel and Henning's posts.

@bemytravelmuse loves nature, solo.

This nomadic girl—and her bright-red coat—appear all over the world. In snow-swept vistas and turquoise beaches, Kristin Addis has a keen eye for nature photography. This California native is touchstone for the power of solo female travel and its benefits.

@whereistheworld is real family travel.

Cute girls and family-travel aspirations is what @whereistheworld is best at. Follow Kyla, Randy and their two daughters in their adventures around the globe. When the family is not in flight to a new and wonderful destination, they're at home in Canada. The family has traveled through Africa, the U.S. and much of Canada.

@ahmet.erdem takes magical street photography.

This artist makes Istanbul come alive. When Erdem isn't in Istanbul, he's chronicling life and street scenes in exotic locations. His use of color and composition alone will make you want to board the next plane to wherever he's at in the world, especially Istanbul.

@theplanetd makes eye candy we love. 

Dave Bouskill and Deb Corbeil have been avid travelers since the early 2000s and launched their prize-winning travel blog, The Planet D, in 2008. When the two aren't at home in Ontario, Canada, they're out exploring and adventuring, having tackled everything from scuba diving in the Great Lakes to snowboarding in the likes of Whistler, Colorado, and Blue Mountain, in Ontario. Hiking, backpacking and adventure are a favorite pastime for these two, and you can see it all on their Instagram

@sophiakimtravels is a model Millennial.

Sophia Kim is a twentysomething with a passion for adventure. From traveling the Silk Road solo to an adventure throughout the U.S., Kim has seen it—almost—all and has a story to tell. She uses "non-professional" tech to showcase that anyone with a camera and any level of skill can produce beautiful images.

@thefella speaks to nature and architecture.

Irish native Conor Macneill wanders the world and takes beautiful images along the way. Composition and color play are some of Macneill's strong suits and his Instagram reflects that. From Yangon to New York City to Petra, Macneill captures the essence of his destination is a few well-shot frames.

@crossingAfrica is still going strong.

Profiled in WhereTraveler's 2016 line-up of rising Instagram stars to follow, Mario Rigby's Crossing Africa project is still going strong. His two-year trek from Capetown to Cairo has taken him through almost a half-dozen countries so far, with his goal in sight. His photos and Instagram videos have just gotten better and better along the way.

@roamaroo captures couples' travel. 

Collette and Scott Stohler are the power couple behind Roamaroo. Their travels have taken them all over the world to destinations both domestic and abroad. The couple shares tips for getting along and maximizing travel experiences. Part adrenaline rush and heavily health conscious, their Instagram feed is a mix of travel and sports inspiration that any adrenaline junkie would appreciate.

@departmentofwandering gives warm-weather inspiration. 

Rachel Bale, the brains and beauty behind Department of Wandering, focuses heavily on Australian—and the surrounding—destinations. When in need of warm-weather inspiration, Department of Wandering has all the details and gorgeous images to go with it. When Bale isn't at home in Australia, her destinations include mountain voyages, chic metropolitan stays and everything in between.

@samhorine captures the essence of New York City. 

Street photographer Sam Horine has most of his followers wanting to jump on the next flight to the Big Apple with street photography images that sing of the magic and wonder of New York City but also of the bustling, gritty truth in that beauty. Horine shoots based out of Brooklyn, New York, with other destinations sprinkled through his feed. Horine shoots with a Canon and iPhone.