The 10 Best Riverwalks in the US

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Savannah River front in Savannah, Georgia
©Anthony Doudt/Flickr, Creative Commons
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Courtesy Chicago Riverwalk
Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago River and its bustling riverwalk meander through downtown Chicago. Take a river cruise, stop for dinner on a restaurant patio, or grab a glass of wine for an afternoon of people watching. 

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Bustling San Antonio Riverwalk
©Pat David/Flickr, Creative Commons
San Antonio, Texas

The 15-mile Paseo del Rio is unquestionably San Antonio's most popular attraction. The banks of the San Antonio River offer shops, historical sites, restaurants and bars for exploring.

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Tribute to Fred Rogers on the North Short in Pittsburgh
©Wally Gobetz/Flickr, Creative Commons
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Three Rivers Heritage Trail in Pittsburg spans 22 miles of pathways along the riverfront where the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers meet. The North Shore features a tribute to TV icon Fred Rogers. 

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Brooklyn Bridge Park
©dog97209/Flickr, Creative Commons
Brooklyn, New York

The 26-mile greenway along the East River boasts dining and events with the stunning backdrop of the New York skyline and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Afterward, stroll past the carousel and a roller rink.

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Detroit Riverwalk
Courtesy Detroit Riverwalk Conservancy
Detroit, Michigan

More than three miles of Riverwalk connects walking trails with shopping and dining options that have breathtaking views. Ride a carousel of animals native to the Detroit River. 

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Reno Riverwalk
©Reno Tahoe/Flickr, Creative Commons
Reno, Nevada

At Reno's Riverwalk, enjoy being in the Truckee River as much as lounging along its banks. Kayakers of all skill levels can navigate the rapids, drop pools and flat-top rocks.

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River Street
©Anthony Doudt/Flickr, Creative Commons
Savannah, Georgia

Up until the turn of the 20th century the buildings along Savannah's River Street were used as a cotton exchange. Wander the cobblestone streets with shops and restaurants housed in those old, stone buildings.

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A woman walks down the Milwaukee Riverwalk
©jpellgen/Flickr, Creative Commons
Milwaukee Riverwalk

An art walk of installations by local, national and regional artists only adds to the natural beauty of the Milwaukee Riverwalk.

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Mud Island Riverwalk
©Amy the Nurse/Flickr, Creative Commons
Memphis, Tennessee

The riverwalk in Memphis runs along a peninsula that juts out into the Mississippi River. Walk along an exact scale of the lower river featuring 20 cities mapped along the walk and empties into an acre-sized Gulf of Mexico. 

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Man and dog on the East Bank
©Torsten Kjelistrand/Travel Portland
Portland, Oregon

The 15-mile Portland Riverwalk includes a loop that lets visitors walk or bike on both sides of the Willamette River. Stroll the popular Eastbank Esplanade's 1,200-foot-long floating walkway. 

By Lisa Kaylor on 08/01/2017

Meandering along a major river or a narrow canal, riverwalks offer beauty and tranquility in the middle of bustling cities.

An added benefit is space for recreational pursuits like jogging and river-side yoga in addition to the character riverside real estate brings to the community. Many riverside boutiques and eateries laud their locations, giving tribute in quirky menu titles or handmade goods. Some simply offer umbrellas and shady spots for patrons to enjoy the view.