Planning a Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii's four major islands have a style all their own. Here's what you need to know before choosing your aloha destination.

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Planning a Hawaii Vacation

Balmy weather, sandy beaches and a lot of aloha, but before packing sunscreen and bathing suits, first-time visitors to Hawaii need to ask themselves two preliminary questions: 1) How long will they stay?; and 2) Which island(s) will they visit?

For those on a weeklong vacation, visiting...

Family Man

By the time he was in kindergarten, he was already surfing. Barely old enough to read and write, Duane DeSoto and his cousins would ride their Uncle Bruce DeSoto’s off-duty city bus after school to Mākaha Beach. Their lips cold and blue from surfing all afternoon, Uncle Bruce would sternly ...

A Guide to Hawaiian Noodle Dishes

Drop the knife and fork and relax those “etiquette elbows.” Welcome to noodle world, where eating with chopsticks and making slurping sounds is the norm. A rich cultural diversity and strong Asian influence has made Hawaii the perfect breeding ground for noodle experts, or those eager to begin...

My Oahu: Ukulele Virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro

With all the fame and fortune that the ukulele has brought him, Jake Shimabukuro quips that he picked a good instrument. Indeed, the ukulele has gained much more street cred and moved light years from Tiny Tim...

An Ideal Day in Oahu

An ideal day in Oahu may mean straying from an itinerary