Beijing Noodle No. 9

Beijing Noodle No. 9 is one of Las Vegas' most dramatic dining spaces. ©Caesars Entertainment, Inc.

Discovering Vegas' Most Dramatic Restaurants

By WhereTraveler ® on 05/29/13

by Susan Stapleton

BEIJING NOODLE NO. 9 (pictured above) – A corridor of six aquaria filled with ryukin goldfish ushers guests into the white-on-white dining room at Beijing Noodle No. 9. Inside, find contemporary arabesque of Chinese flower motifs set against laser-cut metal, backlit by light-emitting diodes that project a glowing-flower-shield lighting effect spread from walls to ceiling. Beijing Noodle, designed at the height of the Beijing Olympics by interior designer Yukichi Kawai of Design Spirits Co., found inspiration in Beijing landmarks the Bird's Nest and Bubble Pool. Caesars Palace. Lunch and dinner: Daily. (702) 731-7110

MIX – This dining room bathed in white features a custom-designed, 24-foot chandelier of 15,000 hand-blown glass spheres made in Murano, Italy, that takes up a 43-foot diameter circle that whispers against the floor. Of course, the view from the 63rd floor of Mandalay Bay offers its own perspective. Mandalay Bay. Dinner: Nightly. (702) 632-7777

L’ATELIER DE JOEL ROBUCHON – Pierre-Yves Rochon designed this culinary workshop for the Chef of the Century, to look similar to the original in Paris. L’Atelier gives guests an observation point and a chance to interact with the staff in the open kitchen. A mere 33 seats line the counter with another 25 peppering the five tables. MGM Grand. Dinner: Nightly. (702) 891-7358

© L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon

JOEL ROBUCHON – Another creation from Pierre-Yves Rochon hearkens back to Paris in the 1930s. It features a black-and-white tiled foyer lit by a crystal teardrop chandelier. The tiny dining room seats 42 with soaring 17-foot ceilings that set the stage for the room bathed in black and purple with spots of turquoise. To the right of the dining room is an ivy-covered patio. MGM Grand. Dinner: Nightly. (702) 891-7925

AUREOLE – Wine angels go about their business of fetching bottles in the one-of-a-kind wine tower at Aureole. While the wine tower creates the centerpiece, the 60 guests who dine at the Swan Court outside get to visit with the three swans who reside in the lagoon there. Mandalay Bay. Dinner: Nightly. (702) 632-7777

PICASSO – Nowhere else in the world can guests dine with 10 of Pablo Picasso’s works of art. The namesake restaurant features paintings and pieces of pottery such as "Pierrot" (1917), "Woman With Beret" (1938) and more. Request Table 34, the setting for a scene from "Oceans 11" with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Another 16 tables sit on the patio for a remarkable view of the fountains. Bellagio. Dinner: Wed-Mon. (702) 693-7223