Planning a Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii's four major islands have a style all their own. Here's what you need to know before choosing your aloha destination.

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Hawaii's Valley of the Kings: The Waipio Valley


Great Hawaiian chiefs have been laid to rest in this “Valley of the Kings,” home to generations of ali‘i (royalty) and the lo‘i (taro fields) the Hawaiians tended faithfully. Framed by a black-sand beach, 2,000-foot cliffs, and waterfalls immortalized in song, Waipi‘o has a palpable mystical...

Planning a Hawaii Vacation

Simplicio Paragas

Balmy weather, sandy beaches and a lot of aloha, but before packing sunscreen and bathing suits, first-time visitors to Hawaii need to ask themselves two preliminary questions: 1) How long will they stay?; and 2) Which island(s) will they visit?

For those on a weeklong vacation, visiting...

The Chronicles of Kapa: Hawaii's Traditional Attire

lynn cook

“All are dead who knew how to make coverings and loincloths and skirts and adornments and all that made the wearers look dignified and proud and distinguished.” —Samuel Kamakau, Hawaiian historian, 1870

Kamakau’s strong assertion may have been true in the late...

On Hawaii's Big Island: Powerful Pele’s Playground

leslie lang

My grandmother used to tell me about her Hawaiian great-grandfather, who drove long-ago tourists up to the Volcano in a horse-drawn carriage.

Back in the late 1800s, the journey from Hilo took two days, with an overnight stop to rest the horses and travelers. But once they arrived, the...

Meet the Bees: A Tasting Tour of Big Island Honey

Rizza Cosio

Aside from snow-capped Maunakea, the lush rainforests of Hamakua Coast, PGA pro-worthy golf courses and black-sanded beaches, the Big Island is also home to a lesser-known attraction – bee farms.

Visit Big Island Bees and learn about the manpower behind our favorite golden jars. Get a...