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Chin Hammocks for Sleeping on Planes Are a Real Thing

In a quest to solve the age-old problem of sleeping in cars and on planes, the newest invention is a padded head sling.

Two of Singapore's Food Stands Just Earned a Michelin Star

Consider it further proof that you don't have to empty your wallet to have a signature dining experience.

5 Cities Where You Can Still Ride a Streetcar

With new lines springing up as cities reinvest in transit, there are still places where you can get the nostalgic feel.

In Search of the Green Fairy: On the Absinthe Trail in Berlin

Writer Jenna Rose Robbins heads off the beaten path in Berlin to rediscover this much-maligned anise-flavored spirit.

The James Beard Foundation Is Taking Its Tasting Experience on Tour

Foodie travelers take note: This fall, celebrity chefs are hitting the road to host unforgettable tasting experiences in 10 cities around the U.S.

In Case of an Emergency Need for Some California, Watch This Video

From L.A. to San Francisco, and with stops in Yosemite and Big Sur, watching this video is like a 2-1/2 minute vacation.

For $15K You Can Train Like a Russian Cosmonaut

How often do you get the chance to be inside Mission Control for a docking with the International Space Station?

Here's How You Can Get Paid to Vacation in Maine

Everybody loves a free trip, right? Why, yes, there is a catch.

What Travelers Need to Know About Going to Turkey

After failed coup, U.S. warns citizens to "reconsider" going to Turkey.

The Old-World Appeal of Puglia, Italy

Step back in time with filmmaker Oliver Astrologo's inspiring video of Italy's heel.

4 Ways Games Like Pokemon Go Are Good for Travel

Don't scoff! Here's how augmented reality gaming apps like Pokemon Go and Ingress are driving players to discover new and beloved attractions.