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Dine and Dash: New Apps Connect Travelers With Airport Restaurants

Hungry and in a hurry? These apps help you get to the gate and get a full meal, too.

Remembering Paris With Fondness

Where editors share their travel memories (and dreams) from the City of Lights.

An Expat's Obsession With Paris

When she was a young girl, Paris stole Sandra Iskander's heart, and a decade ago, she came to the city but never left. Here she tells us why.

Even for Macau, This New Casino-Resort Is a Bit Unbelievable

Created by a former Disney Imagineer, the Studio City Macau resort and casino is an ode to Hollywood's golden age. But the best part has to be the massive Ferris wheel suspended between its towers.

What Expedia's Purchase of HomeAway Means for Your Next Vacation

With acquisition, Expedia gets deeper into vacation rentals as HomeAway and plan to charge more fees and push instant booking.

Kon-Tiki Revisited: A New Attempt to Sail Rafts Across the Pacific

The Kon-Tiki 2 expedition sets sail from Peru on handmade wooden rafts, with hopes to reach Easter Island and study plastic pollution in our oceans.

5 New Airline Flight Routes to Watch

New routes link Charleston to Seattle, San Francisco to Hawaii and Iceland to the West Coast.

And The Best Hotel Rewards Program Is ...

Four global hotel brands were sampled for their rewards program perks and pay outs.

Coming Soon: Low-Cost, Less-Frills Fares From American Airlines

American responds to competition from low-cost airlines, promises to match inexpensive fares from carriers like Spirit, Frontier.

Anthony Bourdain on How Not to Get Killed in a Restaurant

Bourdain talks about his new “Get Jiro!” novel, travel and how to not get your head sliced off by a sushi chef.

On Our Radar: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Sarasota, Florida

Fresh off a multi-million dollar renovation, the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota reveals a coastal tranquility across the property.